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1. New Grads Can’t Travel
One HUGE myth is that new grads can’t travel. We have a program designed to set new grads up for success with travel right out of school.

2. We See Jobs Before Anyone Else
Not true. Most companies receive the jobs from clients on the same email, we can even see that most of the time.

3. “I’ll Call You Back”
Third is “I’ll call you back”. I hear from travelers daily that a competing recruiter has been “out of touch” with them since they submitted them to a job, booked them on an assignment, or the traveler called with a question or complaint. Not here! We stay connected!

4. “I Can Get You A Job ANYWHERE”
Fourth is recruiters sometimes say “I can get you a job ANYWHERE”. At AMPS, we will fully disclose if licensing in a certain state will be a waste of time and money, and we are realistic with expectations. We will not over promise and under deliver.

5. Disguising Gross Pay
A lot of companies disguise the gross pay. They give the impression that THIS will be what they will make on their paycheck. Travelers need to be careful to calculate their own taxes to find out exactly what they will be taking home on their paycheck. We are always straight forward

If you have any other questions about travel therapy, please let us know!