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If you’ve ever read anything about our awesome New Grad program, you’ll know that we like to talk about that little $5000 Tuition Reimbursement you are eligible to receive. It’s because we believe in helping our new grad travelers kickstart their lucrative therapy career while keeping their tuition fees manageable. Five thousand bucks isn’t anything to sneeze at, and once you receive that sweet tax-free reimbursement, that means you’re off the hook for a serious chunk of your student loans.

Actual photo of New Grad

Actual photo of New Grad

So once your loans are paid off, you’re 50 benjamins ahead of where you would be. Do you have dollar signs in your eyes like an old-timey cartoon? Like a kid with a quarter burning a hole in their pocket, let’s dream about what those 5,000 dollar bills can buy you. We were going to come up with 5,000 ways but we got sleepy after 5.

Vacation Supplies

If you are a travel therapist, you’re already on a paid vacation. But why not spend some cash on yourself and your vacation destination? Currently on assignment near a lake? Put down some money on some waterskiing lessons so you can make one of those waterskiing pyramids with your fellow therapists. Then afterward, throw an epic BBQ celebrating your escape from the student loan-zone™.



Reinvest in Yourself

Want to go the more practical route? Then close that browser tab with Hot Tub Limousines 4-Sale and open up a personal investment website so you can make those 5,000 bones work for you. There are a lot of ways to invest your cash, like taking advantage of our 401k company matching program. You can also use apps like Acorns that invests small amounts into a portfolio that you can track on your phone. Turn that $5,000 into a billion! Just remember who gave you the advice!

Invest in your Career

Stretch bands lost their snap? Gait belts looking a little more off-white than they should be? Has your exercise putty turned a color that you can’t quite name? Maybe it’s time to buy some new gear for your career — fresh supplies can make sure you are the top of your game in the patient care department. And it may be tax-deductible, too (check with your tax person, though. The IRS doesn’t accept “I read it on a blog” as an excuse).

Up your travel game

If you are a hip jet-set travel therapist you probably shouldn’t be pulling around some old piece of Samsonite. Why not turn some heads with some future space-luggage that follows you around the airport, or a carry-on bag that charges up all your gizmos and gadgets? Then you can be double-disappointed when the airlines loses your luggage.

Adopt an animal

cool hippo

May I suggest a Hippo?


It doesn’t matter what you choose to spend your extra 5,000 dollars on. The important thing is that you won’t have to spend it on your student loans. If all of this sounds amazing, you should read up on our New Grad Program and find out how you can jumpstart a career, continue your education and receive all this money we’re talking about.