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Whether you are a new grad, or you haven’t yet pondered working outside of your permanent position, you may be wondering about the world of travel therapy. So, we wanted to highlight six reasons why travel therapists love traveling to shed light on the matter and answer some of your questions. 

1. Financial Freedom

Post-grad life is fraught with money concerns. Towering student loans and rent aren’t going to pay themselves. Not to mention, that friend you wanted to visit in Charlotte and the puppy that seems just out of reach. Travel therapy is an avenue toward helping reduce your financial fear. Equipped with highly competitive compensation packages, generous housing stipends, and other amazing perks, you can be the boss of your finances. It’s time to start chipping away at your loans, book that flight to Charlotte, check out the new sushi spot down the street, and start thinking of dog names. Bailey is waiting!

2. Schedule Flexibility

There is so much to experience out there, but seemingly no time to fit it all in with your busy schedule, right? Well, you don’t have to put your adventures on hold. Whether you’re dreaming of a girl’s trip to Nashville, or a long-overdue visit with your parents, you can enjoy the flexibility to make it happen. As a travel therapist, you’ll have the option to sign a long-term (9 months) or short-term (13 weeks) contract for your role. At the end of your contract, you can either pursue an extension or decide to ride an elephant in Bali before you make your next move. 

3. Adventure Awaits

Travel is the operative word, after all! Through your travel therapy program, you’ll have direct access to destinations spread across this fair country of ours. You can help keep Portland (OR) weird, try surfing in San Diego (CA) or hike the Rockies of Colorado. The best part? There’s no limit on the new places to which you can travel. You may discover your permanent home, or that you feel more at home on the road. Either way, adventure awaits

4. Old Friends and New Faces

You are embarking on a journey, perhaps, to a destination far away from your comfort zone. Fear not! You are joining scores of others beginning their own travel adventures. Others who are driven by a love of therapy and their patients, and a thirst for adventure. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to share your experiences with new friends in a new place. Not to mention, you’ll be working with a vast network of clinicians and forging lasting professional relationships. Breaking up your best friend dream team is off the table, too. Traveling in groups is not only permitted, but also encouraged! Run and tell a friend (or two) about travel therapy, or refer them to land some extra sugar. 

5. Professional Growth 

While you can adventure outside of the workplace, you’ll also have a unique opportunity to develop your one-of-a-kind therapy career. As a part of our New Grad Program, you will work closely with a mentor for your first two years in the field. Your mentor can answer questions and provide professional guidance as you ascend toward a successful travel career. You will also be gaining crucial experience in different clinical settings. As you travel to different locations, you will acquire and sharpen new skills along the way. One diverse resume: Check. 

6. The Spice of Life—Variety

Burnout—that old chestnut. Burnout is a very serious and real issue that affects many professionals. So real, in fact, that The WHO has officially classified it as a medical condition. The benefit of travel therapy is that it naturally beckons change. Once you start a contract at your chosen destination, choosing a new one is only 13 weeks away. Should you wonder what a different role might entail, you also have the freedom to explore alternative specialties and add to your therapy toolbox. Travel therapy will give you the spice—you choose how to use it. 

These are 6 of the many reasons why travel therapy might befit you as a healthcare career path. Hopefully, each one painted a clearer picture of travel therapy life and answered some of those lingering questions. The next part, as they say, is up to you.

Does travel therapy sound like a fit for you? Schedule a call with one of our recruiters here.