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Our CEO, Jennifer Fuicelli has many goals for our company. One has been to create an environment where employees’ skills and talents are utilized in the best way possible. A company’s ability to compete and grow depends on how well it utilizes its women, who make up one half of the overall workforce. Jennifer wrote about this topic for Staffing Stream, the Staffing Industry Analysts’ blog.


Here’s an excerpt from her blog post. Read more:

The low percentage of women in leadership roles in the U.S. isn’t due to lack of motivation but rather related to a disconnect between what companies assume drives leaders to take senior positions and what actually drives female leaders to take a senior role.

The Staffing Stream, is a “place where hundreds of people from across the staffing ecosytem can engage each other. By tapping into the vast reach of the Internet, The Staffing Stream will help you in real time so that you can be better informed, more connected and do your job even more effectively.”