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Advanced Medical is proud to announce it’s new membership in the Maryland PT Society.  The membership supports the University of Maryland DPT program through enhanced research, increased scholarship, and equipment upgrades.  The Maryland DPT Program was founded in 1956.  It quickly became a premier destination for aspiring physical therapists from all over the country.

The campus is located in Baltimore, Maryland and its average class size is 60 students.  The Maryland PTRS puts a strong focus on clinical evidence through rehabilitation science.  Its vision spells out the importance of research in leading to more practical and innovative solutions.  This is demonstrated with a curriculum that conducts research in rehabilitation biomechanics, cell biology, neuromotor control, and rehab physiology.  The chair of the department is Mary Rodgers who has been in that position since 1998.

Students can expect 36 weeks of diverse clinical experience.  “We are excited to join the Maryland PT Society. Our commitment to giving students the clinical support they need through our Traveler Mentorship Program, coupled with our singular focus on therapy makes Maryland PTRS a natural fit,” says Amy Prospect, University Program Manager at Advanced Medical.  Advanced Medical looks forward to exposing Maryland PTRS students and alumni to the joys of a career in travel.  The travel option brings flexibility, financial rewards, and the chance to work in diverse settings while helping those in need.  For further information on the Advanced Medical Traveler Mentorship Program go to or call 800-330-7711.  For more information on the University of Maryland DPT program go to

We have also spent years working on developing relationships with the University of Maryland SLP program which every year produces talented speech-language pathologists in Maryland.