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Our latest Vacation card winner comes to us via the University of New England, located in Portland, ME.  Ryan Hill is the 2014 DPT class president at UNE and also serves as an APTA ambassador representing the Maine delegation.


Ryan is from Detroit, Michigan and is an avid fan of the Detroit Lions, as well as the arch nemesis of my beloved Cleveland Indians: the Detroit Tigers.  As you can tell, Ryan is a big sports fan, so it makes sense that he completed his undergraduate years at Grand Valley State, with a degree in Athletic Training.  With a love of hiking and snowboarding, Ryan has found a perfect place(UNE) to pursue his outdoor passions.  UNE is located within close proximity to mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.  The Portland campus is located in a designated historic district and offers a classically picturesque setting, with a central green space surrounded by brick buildings.


The Advanced Medical New Grad Program strives to be a valuable partner to schools like UNE in every corner of the country.  Our commitment to higher education and professional development stands in stark contrast to your typical travel therapy company.  Congratulations Ryan, and here’s to hoping your able to do some quality snowboarding on us.  Until next time…