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Physical Therapy Testimonial - Anthony MaharajI have enjoyed my experience with Advanced Medical Therapy Division, being a physical therapist for 18 years; I have traveled with many companies in a variety of settings and have experienced many challenges. When I was looking for a position in the south for the winter, Advance Medical was able to shine above the rest of the companies I have worked with, to find me a position that fit my needs, location, and the facilities that were of interest to me.


My recruiter has helped me a great deal to see that the transition to a new facility was a smooth one, and he was always there for me, to answer any questions or help me with problems that would arise. Traveling therapy is a difficult entity during these tough economic times, having a good company that is willing to go the extra mile, to help you find the position you desire, is a plus during your job search. Overall, my experience with Advance Medical has been outstanding and traveling therapy has been a great experience for me; to venture to new locations, meet new friends and to continue to grow as a professional.

Anthony K. Maharaj PT, PA, MPAS

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