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This post comes courtesy of recruiter Amy Barnes who attended AOTA in Baltimore.  

We kicked off Occupational Therapy & Autism Awareness month at the 94th Annual AOTA Conference and Expo in Baltimore, MD.  The event was a major success and we look forward to bringing on many new members to the Advanced Medical Family in 2014 and beyond.  In addition to our new grad recruiting team, we had one of our very own OT Travel Mentors at our booth to give future OT travelers the inside scoop from someone out there in the travel world.


With thousands of OTs in attendance, we were able to talk directly with a good majority; even introducing some OTs to travel for the very first time.  Our new grad mentor, Aliza,  was the highlight of our booth, as many had not had a chance to talk face to face with someone who is currently traveling.  Our number one question was, “You can’t travel as a new grad, can you?” to which our mentor immediately responded with, “that is false, and here’s why…”  We are so lucky to have the layers of support in place to develop traveling therapists and provide a pleasurable travel therapy experience right out of school.


There were many informative sessions at AOTA that our OT attended, and many booths at the Expo gave exposure to new treatments, equipment, and techniques that she will be using as well.  She ended up even purchasing some equipment which she is eager to use at her current SNF travel placement.


We could not be more pleased with the caliber of OTs we had the pleasure to meet at the conference.  The conference reiterated to us that OTs are talented, not just in their therapy skills.  We talked with a prospective traveler who was a professional photographer in NYC, another OT fluent in five languages, and someone using circus arts with her pediatric patients.  It is safe to say that no two OTs are alike, and that is what makes this industry so great.


Baltimore as a city had so much to offer, which we will gladly share with our current travelers in hopes they will consider licensing in MD for future contracts.  Our team had dinner at the world famous Rusty Scupper and enjoyed Mother’s Federal Hill Grille for our beer cart Friday on the road, and both places lived up to their buzz.  Downtown Baltimore and Inner Harbor were great and Tommy was able to tour Camden yards and drink the local Natty Boh beer that makes Baltimoreans so proud.  Ski ball seemed to be the preferred method of entertainment at local watering holes, in lieu of the typical dart board or pool table.  Baltimore will be on our list of places we look forward to visiting again soon.


We can proudly say AOTA 2014 in Baltimore was the best yet.  We were slammed from the word “go” and had a steady stream of OTs as the conference came to an end.  We are excited for next years conference in Nashville, TN and look forward to seeing some familiar faces of the new friends we made this year at AOTA in Baltimore.