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learn_about_aphasiaJune is aphasia awareness month, so we’re spreading the word and sharing some helpful infographics. Aphasia is a language disorder that affects ability to read or write and the comprehension or production of speech. Aphasia is always caused by some kind of brain injury, usually from a stroke in older individuals. Aphasia may also result from brain tumors, infections, or head trauma. Aphasia can often times be frustrating and even isolating, so it is important to bring awareness and help others better understand this disorder.


Varying from mild to so severe that communication is nearly impossible, aphasia affects over one million people in the US. It may affect a single aspect of language use, but generally, various aspects of communication are impaired. Speech-languages pathologists work with individuals to determine the particular varieties of aphasia and the amount of function available. You can go to the National Aphasia Association’s site to learn more. Lastly, here are a couple of helpful infographics about aphasia by the American Heart and Stroke Association.