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The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has launched a new web series focusing on the ever changing nature of physical therapy. While physical therapy is undoubtedly a rewarding career, the rules and roles of PTs are always changing. APTA’s new online project, titled “Physical Therapy: A Profession in Transformation,” looks at different aspects of what it means to be a physical therapist.


The series hopes to shine some light into the professional, enterprising, knowledgeable, and inspirational sides of being a physical therapist. Think of it as an easy to understand road map to the profession. The first chapter, explains how PTs can be more engaged and strengthen connections in the field. It also touches on how to navigate the changing environment of physical therapy in order to cut through to the main issues that are affecting the profession.


According to APTA, “The series will run through the rest of the year, rolling out a new chapter every 4-6 weeks. All members subscribed to APTA’s PT in Motion News emails will receive an additional email every time a new chapter is published, plus the entire series will be posted on the association’s website.”


We’re excited to see what the APTA has in store for the next few weeks and as always,

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