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The holidays are usually a time of fun and warm feelings, but they can also be very stressful. Sometimes spending time with relatives can be exhausting. Instead of engaging in what could be an awkward or even cringe-worthy situation, stay on assignment throughout the festive season. Here are a few benefits of staying on assignment and away from home during the holidays. 


Buy less presents + save more money

We have a rule at home; we only buy presents for the people we physically see during the holidays. If you have a big family or if this time of year is when all the distant relatives come together, there can be a lot of pressure to buy presents for absolutely everyone. This can get really expensive, really fast. Instead, buy gifts for your closest family and save the rest of your winter paycheck on more important things. Like paying off those student loans.


You don’t have to deal with annoying family members

You know how it is; relatives mean well, but wow can they be annoying. Family always knows how to drive you crazy and send your stress levels through the roof. It can be your mom sharing embarrassing stories from when you were young, that nosy relative that always asks about your personal life (yes grandma, I’m still single), or that one uncle that gets too tipsy. Just avoid the whole mess and save your sanity. Also, you don’t have explain what you do for a living to your great aunt 2 times removed, like you do every single year. 


You can surprise them on another occasion

If you still feel like spending the holidays with family, why not give them a surprise visit? Because most facilities pay overtime rates for holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, you can take some of that extra moolah and visit family right before or after a holiday. It will be an extra special gift for everyone when they get to spend time with you when they weren’t expecting to.