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Philadelphia freedom! Freedom to have a drink inside a building. Or if you are on a travel therapy assignment in Philadelphia, you have the freedom to drink on the roof of a building. If you choose to do that, please do it at one of these 5 bars rather than just someone’s roof.



This is Philly’s highest beer garden. Rumor has it that if you drop your drink off the side of the building, the crater it makes will be named after you.

Bok Bar

South Philly’s newest rooftop bar also has amazing Vietnamese food to feed your drink-induced appetite.

XIX Nineteen

Seafood and drinks? Yes please!

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

Their website says they are ultra modern. It’s located in the art district of Philadelphia… so they should have probably said they were post-modern (art joke!).


Mimosas on a rooftop bar while you are brunching off last night’s drinks at other rooftop bars? Yes, please!