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When you get a travel therapy job in Massachusetts, you might think all those stereotypes you’ve seen/heard/personally witnessed are going to be part of your daily life. Well don’t worry, it’s not like you are going to be surrounded by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck clones all the time. Can you imagine that though?



New York Haters / Red Sox Obsessed
Be careful with this one. Don’t just go walking around town with a NY Yankees hat and a I <3 NY t-shirt, waving a “YANKEES ARE BASEBALL CHAMPS!” flag. But we think you’ll find that most Boston people will tolerate a New Yorker / Yankee fan. As long as you aren’t all… New York about it.

Dunkin’ Donut Fanatics
DD was started in MA. However,  just because the international brand was started there, doesn’t mean that it’s the alpha and omega of donuts. Boston is big into the fancy donut craze, too.

Loud & Obnoxious / Big Imbibers
The movies paint a pretty loud picture of the typical Bostonian  – but most of those scenes take place in a loud bar, centering around some sort of conflict. There are going to be plenty of places that you can enjoy some peace and quiet with your fellow mellow Massachusettsians. Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance.