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The light at the end of your tunnel, it’s just a freight train coming your way.  Metallica, No Leaf Clover

There have been no shortage of high school running backs and quarterbacks who have met the freight train that is #31 Logan Smith. A 4 year starter at Flagler Palm Coast High School, Logan recently accepted a full scholarship to bring his high energy style to Charleston Southern University. 

Logan started as a linebacker but due to increased size and strength moved to defensive end where he earned rave reviews for his intense discipline and focus. His head coach Caesar Campana stated, “throughout the four years of his high school career, he made himself into one of the best defensive ends that I have coached in 35 years.”

He also happens to be the son of our “big dog” recruiter Patrick Smith. In fact, if you trade out student athlete for recruiter in using these superlatives, we could just as easily be talking about Papa Patrick, who is an irreplaceable piece of the Advanced Medical fabric. Although maybe not intense since Patrick is one of the most approachable people I know. In describing Logan, it’s not just the athletic achievements that stand out, it’s clear that Logan is a first class person as well. His coaches made him team captain more often than any other player, while emphasizing his stellar academic efforts.  Logan also never missed a practice or workout in 4 years – a trait he shares with Dad, who brings daily wisdom with a dash of wit in leading our recruiting team.

Logan also uses his 6’2 220 pound frame to great effect as a state qualifying wrestler and weightlifter. Charleston Southern is located in North Charleston just to make things confusing, and plays in the Division 1 Big South Conference. Soaring to a school best 10 wins last year, the Buccaneers are led by head coach Jamey Chadwell and finished #22 in the final FCS coaches poll.  As a Charleston resident myself, I look forward to watching Logan in action and stand ready to assist in any College related needs like providing a meal other than Ramen noodles and hot dogs at some point.  Charleston Southern has lined up some titanic opponents in the coming years, including the Georgia Bulldogs next season and the mighty Crimson Tide in 2015. I look forward to seeing a sour-faced Nick Saban and a euphoric Logan Smith in a 2015 shocker similar to this moment:

Patrick likes to say that “passion produces exceptional results.”  No where is this more clear than the passionate guidance that Patrick has instilled in his son, Logan.  Welcome to college kid!  Until next time…

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