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As someone born in the capital city of Columbus, Ohio, I can tell you the old stereotype of Columbus being a “cow town” has left the building.  Columbus is situated in southern Ohio, between the more manufacturing inclined cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Columbus has rapidly become a technologically sophisticated city.  Columbus boasts the world’s largest private research and development foundation(Battelle Memorial Institute) and is home to the country’s largest campus-The Ohio State University.  Ohio State has both a DPT program and an MOT program.  Ohio ranks 3rd in the country in economic impact from healthcare.  A large measure of this impact can be seen through the high demand for therapy services in the rapidly aging state. The Ohio State physical therapy program was founded in 1955 and moved to a DPT program in 2007.  The program admits 40 students per class.

The buckeye therapists board scores consistently rank among the highest in the country.  Community service is another strong trait coming from the program, as the students partake in 3 large projects a year-resulting in over 1500 hours of outreach.  The faculty takes great pride in its ability to secure funding-bringing in over 5 million dollars over the last 3 years. For more information please visit:


Not to be outdone is the Ohio State MOT program.  This program was recently rated in the top 25 by US News and World Reports.  The program requires 2 years of study and then over 6 months of full-time fieldwork.  The student-faculty ratio is better than 4-1.  The Director of the program is Jane Case Smith.  For more information please visit: