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When you work with Advanced as a travel therapist you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself every day. You’ll be exposed to new and exciting things. You’ll make a difference in the lives of others and your own life too.

You’ll be able to challenge yourself to try new cuisine…when you attend a crawfish boil while on assignment as a PT in Louisiana.


Test your ability to commute to work in a new way…while biking to a PT position in bike-friendly Oregon.

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Gain a new fashion sense while acclimating to a new climate…when you bundle up to head out to your SLP job in Maine.


Develop a new hobby in horticulture…while on assignment as SLP in Arizona.


Gain an over-appreciation for caffeine…while on assignment as an OT in Washington.


Do as the locals do and pick up a new sport…while skiing in Colorado as an OT.


Want to learn more about being a travel therapist with Advanced Medical. Contact us today or search other open PT, OT and SLP positions.