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We never wait for a specific month to celebrate all of our traveling therapists… but when an official month comes around, we have to do a little more. Since October is National Physical Therapy Month – the focus is on you, PT’s. You deserve it.

We love our PT’s (you too, OT’s and SLP’s – don’t feel left out)! We also love the idea of treating people with therapy before medication – choosing physical therapy first when it comes to treatment.

The American Physical Therapy Association has created the hashtag #ChoosePT to help spread the word about that exact topic – so of course we are on board!

We made a video and some GIPHY’s that you can use to spread the word about the importance of a patient to look at physical therapy as a treatment option.

Check it! We made these easily shareable on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever! Spread the PT pride with these examples of why physical therapy should be the first thing on every person’s treatment plan.

#ChoosePT to treat the causes of pain, rather than masking it with opioids.

#ChoosePT or healthier hearts before and after a Cardiovascular incident.

#ChoosePT for stroke recovery – Physical Therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation for stroke victims.

#ChoosePT to avoid surgery. Check out this Harvard study.

#ChoosePT to rehab sports injuries.

Want the full video? Here you go!

Let us know how you are celebrating PT Month! And when you do, be sure to tag us @GoWithAdvanced and #ChoosePT!