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Travel therapy can be your ticket to clinical diversity and high earnings, as well as a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Successful travelers often find themselves adjusting destinations and expectations on the fly, with an ability to embrace new time zones that at first glance may be outside their comfort zone. In keeping with that spirit, we are starting a new city spotlight series on our blog that aims to highlight under-the-radar cities with significant travel opportunities.


When one thinks of California it’s usually the coastal heavy hitters of San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles that dominate the conversation. However, I am here to tell you not to sleep on a place called Sac-town, “The City of Trees”, or the self-proclaimed “most diverse city in America” (lot of nicknames for this place).  Of course, I am talking about the capital of the Golden State: Sacramento. Named after the Sacramento River, this western California city came of age during the gold rush of the mid 1800’s when it served as a major transportation hub and commerce center. Sacramento has a heralded Parks Department that recently ranked third in the country according to Parkscore, amazingly tying Boston and San Francisco. The lush and diverse William Land Park is the headliner with virtually activities for every age. Fairytale Town is a 2.5 acre area within the park that allows for children to experience flights of fancy in a impeccably designed fairytale setting that refreshingly is devoid of corporate merchandising. Picture 25 storybook scenes with activities like the Old Woman and the Shoe Slide, King Arthurs Castle, and Hickory Dickory Clock (it’s quite a clock). The park also contains a petting zoo, real zoo, and Japanese gardens. Other parks of note include the richly historic Sutters Fort and the collage of colors filling McKinley Playground.


I mentioned earlier that Sacramento rose to prominence during the gold rush. Fueled by the founding of the transcontinental railroad, buoyed by the pony express, and filled with resplendent steamships, Old Sacramento exists today as an entertainment and historical district overflowing with museums, restaurants, and distinctive waterfront shopping. The district also invites travel from years past with horse-drawn carriages, train rides on the Southern Sacramento Railroad, and plenty of biking and boating options. For you foodies, Sacramento was one of the first cities to pioneer the “farm-to-table”movement; as its abundance of surrounding farms puts its stamp on the dining scene. The arts play a prominent role in Sacramento, with the city having the largest collection of community theatres in California. The Crocker Art Museum is the oldest public museum west of the Mississippi, while the California Auto Museum has a robust collection of vintage transportation. For those with less “refined” tastes, Sacramento offers the state fair (a chance to get away from all that farm-to-table goodness and enjoy something fried) and the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise.


Healthcare plays a vital role in the city economy with Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, UC Davis Health System, and Sutter Health all ranking in the top 10 employers. The diverse healthcare facilities make it a tremendous travel option for those wishing to experience multiple settings.


You want weather reports you say- well Sac-town has been judged the sunniest place on the planet between July and September…seriously. Another fun fact about Sacramento is that Tower Records was founded here (and died here, poor music business).  Ice cream and wine are abundant in Sacramento with the vines of Napa Valley near and the world famous ice cream of Gunthers right in town. Have I sold you yet?  If you are looking for travel assignments in Sacramento, or California more broadly, Advanced Medical can get you there. Until next time…