Being a JCAHO certified staffing company, requires that we have thorough documentation and credentialing standards. In order to meet these standards, Advanced Medical has a Quality Assurance department that is designed to deal exclusively with the active credentialing of our therapists. Our Quality Assurance department specializes in obtaining the necessary records and licenses of all of our personnel.

Dedicated QA Associate

From the moment an offer is extended, a QA associate will be assigned to the therapist who is contracted with your facility. They will work with the therapist to make sure that all the required documentation is on file and that any records that have been requested, are submitted to your company before the start of the assignment. During the credentialing process, you can expect an open line of communication and rapid follow through on any issues that may arise. All of our records are stored electronically and are available at a moment’s notice in case a facility has an unexpected compliance issue or state survey that requires additional documentation.

Maintain Updated Data Files

Once the therapist starts an assignment, our QA department will continue to monitor their file, and alert them when an item is coming close to an expiration date. We ensure that all of our personnel maintain up to date files at all times. Continuous monitoring of our therapists’ files helps to ease the burden on your internal compliance department.

Job Performance Review

While the therapist is on assignment, a mid-assignment evaluation will be done in order to ascertain if our therapist is performing as expected and, if necessary, in what areas they may need some additional coaching or guidance to help them to be more successful. This constant monitoring also helps us to transition therapists seamlessly and we can often have them ready to start an assignment quickly in order to satisfy any urgent staffing needs of our clients.

The QA department is focused on delivering the highest caliber therapist to your facility, and to make their transition into your facilities as easy as possible. This leaves our therapists free to focus on delivering the highest standard of care to their patients, knowing that they have a team of people supporting them through the duration of their assignment.

Our efficient, polite, and friendly Quality Assurance staff is always ready to assist you in any way we can! Discuss your staffing requirements with a client services team member by contacting us online or by calling 800-330-7711.