Our program offers more job opportunities for Clinical Fellows and ensures a consistent and meaningful mentorship experience.

As a large employer of Clinical Fellows, we know what it takes to set you up for success as you start your career as an SLP.  Our team of industry experts help navigate the Clinical Fellowship jobs market and your personal Career Consultant understands your personal and professional goals to help you achieve them.

The Program Offers

One consistent location (that you choose) for the duration of your Clinical Fellowship

One consistent, dedicated and experienced ASHA Certified Supervisor that makes you the priority and encourages you to grow

“The quality of your mentorship during your Clinical Fellowship sets you up for success in the long term.”

Jennifer Martin MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Director

Supervision: The Key to Success

Since supervision is an integral part of the Clinical Fellowship, Advanced retains SLP supervisors on staff to provide unparalleled mentorship. Every Clinical Fellow is paired with a seasoned, credentialed SLP supervisor who has gone through a rigorous hiring process. This ensures Clinical Fellows are getting consistent support and guidance throughout their fellowship and prepared to reach all of their career goals.

Benefits Built for Clinical Fellows

Great Health Insurance

Affordable Health, Dental and Vision insurance

Free and Unlimited CEUs

Our CEU platform is a robust online library of over 1,000 hours of constantly updated content. From pre-recorded classes, to text-based materials and live seminars, you can choose when and how to fulfill your CEUs

New Grad $5,000 Reward Program

Complete a set number of assignments in two years and we’ll give you $5,000 to help pay back any tuition loans you may have.

Certificate of Clinical Competence Reimbursement

We understand the value of this internationally recognized credential. Because it can be a costly and lengthy process to obtain it, we’ll reimburse you when you are a CCC-SLP.

State Licensure Reimbursement

If you need to get licensed in a new state, we’ll reimburse you for the cost.

401(K) Plan

Retirement Package.

Stay Local or Explore the Country

Advanced has opportunities for Clinical Fellows across the country. If there are openings in your area, you can choose to commute daily. For locations a little further away, you can take a travel placement, which comes with these tax-free benefits:

  • Weekly Stipend - We’ll provide you with a meals and incidentals amount based on a 7-day week.
  • Housing - We’re happy to put you up in corporate housing. Or you can choose to take a housing stipend and find your own.
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement - We’ll reimburse you for expenses to get to your new placement.
the USA
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