When Advanced Travel Therapy (then Advanced Medical) opened it’s doors in 1989, we kept one thing in mind: if we figure out what therapists need to be successful, our success will follow. It’s been over 25 years and we’re happy to be considered the premier travel therapy company, supporting an incredible nationwide network of talented Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Therapists.

We didn’t get here by chance; we foster long-term partnerships with our clients and our candidates and continue to energize the industry with programs like our ground-breaking New Grad program.

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Our History

  1. Opened

    It's hard to believe we started when Rolodex's were still in use and a wireless phone had a range of 25 feet. We're proud of where we came from, even if it was a time of excess neon, ill-advised pants, and paper résumés.

  2. 2005
  3. Emerged as an exclusive travel therapy company

    When you offer the type of travel therapy job opportunities we do, it's sort of hard to offer anything else. That's why we decided to focus on becoming the premiere travel-only therapy staffing company in the United States. Honestly, it's just more exciting this way.

  4. 2008
  5. Launched groundbreaking New Grad program

    Advanced's New Grad Program started back in 2008, and since then we have helped hundreds of newly-graduated therapists launch their travel therapy careers!

  6. 2009
  7. Earned Joint Commission Seal of Approval

    We're Proud to say we are Joint Commission Certified.

  8. 2010
  9. Opened Colorado Office

    It's hard to live your entire life in the sunshine of Florida, so we decided to open an office somewhere that had the oft-rumored "mountains and snow." We decided Colorado would be a perfect place to plant Advanced's flag, And hey, this "skiing" thing IS great.

  10. 2011
  11. Moved into New HQ

    When you grow as fast as we do, a small office can go from "quaint" to "over-capacity" pretty quickly. So we decided to upgrade to give everyone a little more elbow room.

  12. 2012
  13. Advanced Medical attends AOTA Capitol Hill Day

    The American Occupational Therapy Association's Capitol Hill Day is an opportunity for the therapy world's voice to be heard by our legislators. Advanced Medical is proud to be a part of this yearly event.

  14. 2013
  15. Earned Smart Award

    It's no coincidence that we won something called a Smart award.

  16. INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

    We were included on INC's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, which means that if you don't know someone who works with us, you will soon. Kevin Bacon has nothing on us.

  17. Most Valued Partner Travel Allied – AMN Healthcare

    As a travel-only company, we're proud to be a preferred vendor of AMN Healthcare.

  18. 2014
  19. Launch of Advanced Schools Division

    It may sound cliché to say that schools are our future, but it's something we believe in. There are an amazing amount of opportunities for therapists in our nation's schools, and we decided to start our Advanced Schools Division of Advanced Medical to help qualified therapists get in those positions and shape that future. Let's make it bright.

  20. 2015
  21. Offer teletherapy service

    The future is here, and it doesn't involve everyone having to be in the same room anymore. Our future-thinking teletherapy SLP service shows that Advanced Medical not only thinks about where the industry has been, but where it's going.

  22. Partnered with Clearview Capital

    With backing from Clearview Capital, we've made ourselves stronger and our reach further. We're excited for the future, and we hope you are part of it.

  23. Named one of "Fastest Growing Staffing Firms" by SIA

    Staffing Industry Analysts saw all our growth and couldn't help but give us an award for it. You can read about how we qualified for the award here. We couldn't have done it without our amazing clients and candidates.

Our Core Values

Core Values are the standards by which we measure our performance; as well as our interactions with each other and our clients. These values define our common purpose and provide the framework for a prosperous and honorable business model.

  • Power of Positive

    Our defining core value of the 'Power of Positive' leaves zero room for negative energy. We strive to approach every day with the sincere commitment of principled conduct in an optimistic environment. I wake up every day excited about coming to work with a great group of people. The day that changes is the day I should get a pink slip.

    Jennifer Fuicelli, CEO
  • Respectful Communication

    'Respectful Communication' means speaking to colleagues and therapists as valued members of the team. We are all, collectively part of the big picture and every person involved deserves to be heard and not judged or overlooked; regardless of what your personal feeling may be. The power of the voice is mighty!

    Patrick Smith, National Therapy Recruiter
  • No Complaining Rule

    The 'No Complaining Rule' is an asset in order to assist both parties. If there is a solution involved, it is no longer considered a complaint, but rather an issue with a revised result. This ensures the quality on our end to provide the best assistance to our clinicians.

    Paige Parry, Quality Assurance
  • Discipline

    'Discipline' has to do with dependability. I completely trust that I can rely on my coworkers to get their respective tasks completed so that we can achieve our collective goals.

    Kara Lynch, Vice President
  • Full Expression

    Freedom of 'Full Expression' is more than a written core value in a procedure manual… simply put, it’s our way of life. Encouraging people to have fun, be creative, express ideas or concerns has been a foundation of Advanced Medical’s core values.

    Keeley Murphy, VP of Sales & Recruiting
  • Innovation

    Working with a team that eats and breathes 'Innovation' is extremely fulfilling. Everyday we’re in the laboratory cooking up a new idea that’ll improve the staffing industry. The creativity and collaboration becomes infectious.

    Jonathan Crowe, Marketing

We're always looking toward the future. If you're interested in working with the best travel therapy companies in the nation, ​let's talk​!