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Advanced School Therapy Division


School Therapists

Advanced Schools, a division of Advanced Medical is a premier provider of Pediatric school based positions across the country. We work with a diverse set of public schools, private organizations, and special education systems. We have a wealth of options, letting you find the educational fit that best matches your skills. You will have robust support and guidance from a group of experienced professionals who allow you to keep your focus where it belongs-on the children.




A Division Just for School Staffing

With Advanced School Staffing, there's a division of  our company to meet your expectations in many ways:

  • Customized pay packages and a variety of flexible contract positions
  • A national network of satisfied school-based clients who trust the Advanced Medical commitment to the highest standards in child development
  • Whether it’s our Clinical Department, Housing, or Quality Assurance, we understand there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” with your career
  • A singular focus on therapy that allows us to give knowledgeable guidance

The Benefits of Working in a School

"I think one of the biggest advantages is being able to see the children you work with operating in their classroom environment even when their not in sessions with you. Seeing the work you and the student have been doing taking effect in the classroom environment can show you what does and doesn’t work so well, so you can adapt your methods if necessary." - John

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