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Those who stay calm on a rope-bridge will also realize that the rope-bridge too stays calm and lets the traveler cross the other side easily! Universe helps to those who are tranquil and cool.”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

When thinking of words to describe new Senior Manager of Accounting Ashley Tessaro, the words: tranquil, cool, calm – immediately sprung to mind.  Going on 6 years with the Advanced Medical family, Ashley has made a profound impact on our accounting operations with a quietly efficient style. This week, Ashley has received a fitting  promotion to Senior Manager of Accounting.


“It’s well deserved and I am grateful everyday to have her in my department,” said close friend and Advanced Medical Controller Shannon Schue. When typing up this announcement I had solicited some personal bio information from Ashley. In typical Ashley style, this information was direct and devoid of unnecessary data…proving why she is a remarkable accountant. Ashley was born in Cortland, NY, an upstate city situated between Syracuse and Binghamton. From there it was off to Port Orange, where Ashley grew up and went to school. Ashley enjoys reading and watching movies when not dealing with some of the lunatics at Advanced Medical. In a Daytona office that is often brash, loud, and confident (not that there is anything wrong with that), it’s refreshing to have someone like Ashley and her cohorts on the other side bringing a reserved professionalism to everything they do.


Working on the “dark side” as some call it (I would put it more as light grey…they’re not evil over there, just quiet) Ashley has developed a terrific working rapport with those around her. In fact, Ashley is the embodiment of the Advanced Medical “no drama” policy.  However, do not mistake a lack of bombast in Ashley to timidity. Ashley knows how to get things done and brings a laser focus to our operations, (just ask me about Ashley and my monthly receipts). Advanced Medical patriarch Royal Lantz, affectionately known as “The Hammer” stated, “Anyone who can keep the peace with IT, recruiters, and Quality Assurance, all while working for Shannon and the Hammer has to be exceptional and more than deserving.”


Ashley has come a long way these last 6 years and proven to be a consistently excellent performer with immense respect from all of us. It is a cliché to describe someone these days as an “unsung hero”, and yet, it’s an apt description for Ashley, who constantly rings the bell and helps drive the bus. The entire Advanced Medical family thanks Ashley for her contributions and wishes her the best of luck in her new role.