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The Olympics have everyone on their toes with fingers crossed and high hopes for the USA, but few recognize the athletes for more than their talents on the field. Well, Janay DeLoach has proven not only to be an unbelievable athlete, winning a bronze medal in Long Jump and placing first in the qualifying rounds, but she’s also established herself on the home front as an occupational therapist. Graduating with a Master’s degree from Colorado State University, she worked toward her passion of helping those with illness recuperate using everyday activity to promote a healthy body. In a way, Janay uses her athletic talents to help heal people, and that is something to be proud of. 


Janay’s third place jump came with a 6.98 meter jump, falling only .24 meters short of the gold, which was picked up by USA long jumper, Brittney Reese. Still, Janay’s jump did not go unnoticed as it helped the USA team take the lead in Track and Field with 24 medals, second and third place following with Jamaica at 9 medals and Russia at 9 medals. While this may not have been Janay’s best jump, it certainly made us all proud to support her.


Congratulations, Janay DeLoach, on your outstanding achievements in both Long Jump and the field of occupational therapy! The USA is proud to have you on our team and we hope you continue to do what you love and love what you do. We are more than pleased that you were able to make dreams come to for yourself and for those many you’ve helped as an occupational therapist. We support you, your athletics and your practice as you work toward the dream thousands of Americans share. You truly know how to make us proud to be Americans.

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