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This month we’re getting to know one of our therapy career consultants based in our Colorado office, Scott Muller! Scott is known for his contagious positive energy and love for the outdoors. When he’s not finding his therapists fulfilling career opportunities, you can find him taking advantage of all the amazing nature CO has to offer.

Collaborating with, contributing to, and supporting the success of the individuals I interact with has always been a fundamental part of who I am as a person.

Meet Scott Muller

What do you love about your job? 

When you love what you do, the term “work” is subjective. For me, sharing time and space with the fun and supportive members of my Advanced team, then spending the day talking with and getting to know therapists from such diverse backgrounds and locations all over the country is a genuine pleasure! Combine that with the stunning mountain views, natural light from 360 degrees worth of windows, and the open, creative and energetic corporate culture fostered from within our company and, to me, it’s not difficult to smile on and come into the office every day.

What makes you unique as a recruiter?

We all possess unique qualities. I’d say my uniqueness stems from my (sometimes overwhelming) positivity and ability to engage just about anyone I meet in conversation. I graduated college with degrees in Communication and Psychology and have spent my entire life involved in competitive sports and fitness. So collaborating with, contributing to, and supporting the success of the individuals I interact with has always been a fundamental part of who I am as a person. This background and mindset are what I believe set me apart as a recruiter.

What’s your favorite traveler story?

In this industry, it is rare for to have the opportunity to meet any of my travelers so when I do, it’s exciting. When I first started out, I was able to find a position for my PT, Ali, out here in Colorado in a small mountain town near Steamboat Springs. Though remote, the location of the town gave her access to several ski resorts which, as a skier, I knew she’d like. Sometime later, I took a trip up to Steamboat with some friends to go snowboarding and I gave Ali a call, and as luck would have it, she had the weekend off and was able to come join us on the mountain for the day. It was a lot of fun to be able to go shred the slopes with one of my travelers and it’s not a memory I shall soon forget!

Do you have any advice for therapists new to travel?

As a new traveler, whether you are fresh out of school or have been around the block, my advice would be, instead of just choosing the first company that you speak with, or the one that promises the moon and stars right out of the gate, to really take the time to research and interview your recruiter and the company they are a part of. Your recruiter is the person you will be in regular communication with and they will be the one that is working on your behalf to make ensure you are taken care of from assignment to assignment. It really is a working partnership and there must be mutual respect and trust. Once you pick your recruiter, ask them questions, listen to their advice, and trust that they have your best interest at heart. There will be good assignments and bad assignments, but if you have an established relationship with your recruiter comprised of effective communication, trust, respect and loyalty, your travel career (regardless of how long it is) will be successful!

How do you spend your time when you’re not recruiting?

When I’m not working to find my therapists new and exciting contract opportunities, you can often find me in the mountains! As a native Coloradan, I love the outdoors and there isn’t much I do not take part in when it comes to being in nature. Hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, snowboarding…you name it, I do (or have done) it. I also love live music, concerts, dancing, finding and trying new brewery’s/distilleries/restaurants, enjoying art, photography, playing sports, and I’m also a big fan of board games and my monthly poker night.


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