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We’re super excited to share post from one of our superstar travel mentors, Kayla Layner! We’re sharing it from her blog (with permission) but click on over to read more of her adventures.


New Grads


After answering many questions at the University of St. Augustine’s career fair, I thought I would share some common questions/answers from the day that may help new grads who are interested in joining the Advanced Medical team on an amazing travel journey! I thought this would be the perfect time to answer some of these important questions as my friends from West Virginia University prepare for their board exams and many students prepare for graduation within the next few months!


When should I start talking to a recruiter?

I recommend that you start talking to your recruiter as soon as you are interested in taking the plunge! Obviously I am a bit biased and would recommend chatting with my recruiter, Amy, however after spending time with many recruiters at Advanced Medical, I am confident that you would be well taken care of by anyone from the team! By talking with your recruiter early in the game you are allowing them to have an opportunity to get to know you, your career goals, and personal goals as you embark on your post-grad life! You also have plenty of time to get all of your paperwork in- trust me, there is a lot of it! Your recruiter will discuss your resume, call your references, and make you as marketable as possible before submitting you to your first travel job. Use your recruiter as a great resource in this process, they have assisted many therapists and have a lot of expertise to ensure success!


How should I handle state licensure?

This topic is one of my favorites and one lesson I learned the hard way! As you will soon find, state licensures are expensive, there is tons of paperwork and hoops to jump for a measley, yet very important piece of paper! If you are interested in travel and anticipate visiting and working in multiple states, I highly recommend that you gain state licensure immediately upon taking/passing your boards in all of the states of interest. When you are a new grad, they only require school transcripts and notification from your national board exam (sometimes a few other things). However, once you are licensed in multiple different states it is increasingly difficult to acquire a license in another as you are required to send more and more paperwork. This can delay the start of an assignment if the state you are attempting to acquire licensure has strict requirements. Therefore a 2 week process may become a 4-8 week process! Save yourself the trouble, spend the money straight out of the gate if you can, and acquire as many state licensures as you anticipate using. Be sure to keep your receipts, as Advanced Medical will reimburse you for your expenses once you have locked in an assignment!


Can I travel locally or within a small area? Where can I get a job?

The possibilities are endless! Advanced Medical has therapists all across the country so you can pretty much go wherever your little heart desires! Some areas are more fruitful in their traveling possibilities as far as availability, pay, setting, etc. this is why it is so important to speak with your recruiter regarding what your best options are as you begin this journey. Some locations have more options than others and this is something your recruiter will definitely help you with if you are interested in traveling locally, but it is totally possible!


What kind of mentorship does the company provide? Do I have any obligations with this program?

The company’s New Grad Coordinator will send you a mentor’s information as well as send your mentor your information (did you catch all that?!). You do not have any obligations as a new grad in this program. It is simply there for your benefit. As a mentor I try to contact my travelers before they start and periodically through their assignment. Some have lots of questions and respond, others do not and that is their choice. I also had personally developed a facebook group that has allowed me to keep in touch, post helpful articles, and so we can all have open discussion about any concerns or obstacles!


How long am I required to stay with Advanced Medical? How long are the assignments?

Contracts are generally 13 weeks unless it is within the school system or government job. You do not have a long standing commitment to Advanced Medical outside of each contract. You could travel with the company for 1 assignment or 10 assignments! That is all up to you. I do highly encourage everyone to attempt at least 2 assignments with the company because let’s face it, there are bad facilities and really amazing ones! The bad facilities are no reflection of the amazing experience that Advanced Medical can provide. Remember, they are on your team, so be honest with them about your concerns and rest assured they will try their best to give you the best experience.


Do I get to make decisions on where, what, when I take an assignment?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You are the driver of this crazy roller coaster. Your team at Advanced Medical is there to guide you so that you can be as successful as you possibly can be! You work very closely with your recruiter regarding your priorities. Be honest with them so they can present the best opportunities to not only benefit your career but your life!


I truly hope this was helpful for anyone who is apprehensive with lots of questions regarding travel therapy! If you have any other questions and would like to reach out, do not hesitate to comment or shoot me an email! Happy to help!! Good luck as you prepare for post-grad life! 🙂