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With the holiday season in full swing, we thought to share one of our monthly traditions; featuring an awesome traveler! This month we’re getting to know Brent Ewing! Brent was nominated by his former recruiter Amy Barnes. Amy had this to say,

Brent is one of those travelers who is always working behind the scenes. He networks with his managers and we often get calls out of the blue from clients asking for him back. That shows his value, but if you talk to Brent on the phone for 2 seconds, you can understand what a great guy he is. He’s cool as Ice!”

Rumor has it that they both share a love for Vanilla Ice! Brent’s current recruiter, Tina, has also greatly enjoyed working with him. After just 2 weeks of working with him, she was able to get him his dream assignment in Hawaii!

Get the 411 on Brent

How did you get into therapy?

I was a baseball and basketball player in high school and continued my baseball career through college. Watching athletes deal with injuries and then subsequently come back and perform at a high level really piqued my interest in the field of physical therapy.

Do you have any advice for future therapists?

My advice to future therapists would be to not get complacent. Work in many different settings. For me, sport injuries/orthopedics is my passion but I’m currently working in an acute care setting at a hospital. You have to sharpen your skill set and the best way to do that is to get out of your comfort zone. Learn from others, teach others.

Favorite location?

I’ve been blessed to have experienced great travel locations thus far. My first experience was in Joshua Tree California and the beauty there is unreal. Last year I worked in Palm Desert and fell in love with the area. I worked with a lot of great therapists and was close enough to L.A. which I love, that I could make a day trip out of it yet far enough away to not have to deal with the traffic on a consistent basis. Currently I am working on Maui which has been a dream. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit here previously but to get to say that I now live here is pretty special.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I don’t really get into the super hero, super power stuff because it’s a waste of time. I feel that, as a therapist, being able to help someone to a better quality of life is more than enough of a super power for me. However, if I had to choose a power, the power to end ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) would be at the top of my list. The power to go back in time would be pretty rad as well. To sit in the stands and watch Roberto Clemente, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams be able to have another conversation with a grandparent or see what my parents were like when they were in school (no I didn’t steal this from back to the future) would be pretty cool.

What are some of your hobbies?

I’m a die hard Chicago Cubs (this was a pretty special year for me) and Michigan Wolverine fan. I had season tickets to Michigan football for 7 years. I have a unique collection of sports and movie memorabilia including upwards of 1000 autographs from athletes and actors that I’ve met over the years. I love to travel, obviously, and am a huge fan of music.