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The immense warmth radiating from therapists is one of the true joys of working in this profession.  On a daily basis I am overwhelmed by the selfless and altruistic nature of our therapists.  For this group, the term ” giving back”  never veers into cliche or ordinary, but is a way of life.  Advanced Medical strives to embody these ideals by supporting a variety of charitable causes.


We are proud and passionate supporters of CARE. An organization devoted to defending dignity and fighting poverty. CARE works to promote opportunity on a global level.  Advanced Medical also believes these principles need to be showcased and supported in our own local communities as well.  Here at our home headquarters we partner with the Healthy Start Coalition.  This Fl based operation works to provide education and resources to pregnant women, small children, and infants.  In this age of budget cuts, these local operations need the support of the corporate community more than ever.


The coalition also coordinates efforts to improve adoption services, educate on infant mortality, and increase access to preventative care.  As a new father myself, it is astounding that such little people can produce such big bags of trash.  Diapers…..are….. everywhere, and it seems like we always need them.  That is why the latest outreach effort from Healthy Start struck a cord with me.  The Diaper Drive called on us to step up and provide diapers and school supplies for the local chapters of Healthy Start.


It was hugely gratifying to see the response…….overwhelming our office lobby were diapers-oh, so many diapers.  We also got our Denver office involved by donating a box of diapers for each new therapist we brought on board.  Supporting and providing education is important, but sometimes struggling mothers need concrete assistance.  The Diaper Drive is illustrative of our ability to apply core values to broader causes and promote responsible business practices.  Too often, we forget that we are truly “all in this together.”  To learn more about the Diaper Drive and other ways to give back go to