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In many parts of the United States with lax drinking laws, Utah is known as the hardest state to get the hard stuff. It’s really not that bad though! You just have to know what to order, when and where. If you partake in an adult beverage every once in a while (sometimes it’s nice to unwind after a shift), you’ll first want to know a few things about ordering in Utah.


Ask for a Bottle (if you want a higher ABV)

Utah’s high-point beer (above 4.0 ABV) is available in most bars and restaurants, but it must be served in bottles. Anything on tap is 4.0% ABV or lower.

No Kegs (if you want a higher ABV)

By law, full strength beer may not be dispensed on draft, so again if you want an IPA or any other beer stronger than 4.0%, your best bet is to purchase from State Liquor Stores and Package Agencies and at clubs and restaurants licensed to sell liquor.

Order Food (if you want a drink too)

In some states, the bar or restaurant has to serve food during business hours in order to legally serve alcohol. In Utah patrons must order food in order to drink wine and light beer in a restaurant. If you’d like a cocktail head to a club or bar.

No Happy Hour (because moderation is a good thing)

Discounted drink pricing during happy hour can promote overconsumption (Utah might be onto something: moderation). You won’t find any $3 wine specials in restaurants or dining clubs.

Don’t Look (you can’t anyway)

If you’re in a restaurant, you literally can’t look. You won’t be able to see your drink being poured. Restaurants have walls known as the Zion Curtain, so underage diners can’t see the bartenders.

Now that you understand the rules, get going! Buying a beer out in public might be a bit different here but it’s a beautiful place waiting for your expertise. Call us today at 1-800-330-7711 or apply today to learn more about working in Utah!