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Our featured traveler for the month of June is Alyson P! Alyson is 27 and studied to be a physical therapist at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. While she’s been a PT for a little over 2 years, this is her first year traveling. Her recruiter, Samantha, only had excellent things to say about her!



My traveler Alyson just recently started traveling with me and is currently on assignment in Austin, TX. After doing her own research on companies and hearing a lot of word of mouth she landed on Advanced Medical. We had been planning our attack on the job orders while waiting for her other “job” and passion wrapped up for the year as Alyson was also a coach for a competitive cheer leading squad in Brownwood, TX.

Alyson gave me a start date and an entire state to work with when she first made up her mind that she wanted to dive head first into all that travel had to offer. So after her cheer season ended she packed up and she is doing home health, which was new to her prior in Austin, TX and loving it! Alyson is a complete doll, and one of the hardest working women I have on my team. Her flexibility and positive attitude really help her break the mold and the client she is currently on assignment with loves having her on board as much as I do.

The 411 On Alyson

Why or how did you get into therapy? I got into traveling therapy because I’m a bit of a commitment phoebe and I love trying new things and living in new places. Austin is my first location and it’s summer time so I couldn’t ask for better! I got into therapy initially with a heart for pediatrics and special needs. My focus shifted in PT school and I fell in love with women’s health. I hope to settle down eventually and practice women’s health for many years.


Hobbies? I don’t have too many hobbies. I love working out and doing things outside. I’ll play any sport you can think of! I recently have become obsessed with disc golf! Other than that being around friends and family is where my free time goes.


Where would your dream assignment be and why? My dream assignment would be a Women’s health position in Georgia (Oh please stars align!!)


Family: I am intentionally single but my parents live in Texas and my sister lives in England. I am the proud aunt of a 4 month old named Adrienne and a nearly 2 year old named Trent! They are so fun but I don’t see them very much.


If you could have a superpower what would it be? If I could have a super power it would be flight! Then I could go see this cute guy stationed in California everyday and be back on time for work in Texas.

We love having you on our team Alyson!