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andreaOTFirst of all, we hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season! This months featured traveler is one of our OT travel mentors, Andrea Yeldell! This isn’t Andrea’s first time on our blog, as we previously featured her when she joined our prestigious group of mentors for our New Grad Program. Check out what her recruiter had to say!


“Andrea has been everything that I/Advanced Medical looks for in a traveler. She is very intelligent, ethical, and has a passion for new adventures! Andrea came to us as a new grad right out of school and has since worked 7 assignments in 4 different locations, throughout 3 states! I appreciate what she has brought to our company and think that she certainly deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication!”


The 411 On Andrea

Why or how did you get into therapy? I knew I wanted to enter healthcare, I just could not put my finger on how, then I discovered OT through my university and it was love at first kinesiology class! As one of my patients told me, “you have found your calling young lady.”

Hobbies? Shopping! Also reading, a new found excitement for exercising, volunteering, concerts, and traveling of course.

Favorite travel location and why? I honestly favor everywhere I have been! Each place is such a new adventure for me and I have something I love about each! I can not choose!

Where would your dream assignment be and why? Barcelona! Why? The culture, food, architecture! Ah love it!

Andrea - OT mentor 2

Family? I am from Huntsville, Al, graduated MS OT from Tuskegee University, only child of my mom Andrain who is high school administrator and loves to visit me on travel assignments…should probably get her a travel gig! I am super close to immediate family, totally a grandmother’s baby.

If you could have one superpower what would it be, and why? Super human speed…The ability to move, run, fly, react, think, and sense at speeds much faster than the normal human seems cool and I could get to social gatherings on time for once!

Thanks Andrea! We appreciate everything that you do!