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We are thrilled to introduce you to our featured travel therapist for January…Caleb! Here is what his recruiter, Samantha, had to say:


Caleb is one of my OTs that I started working with from the very beginning of his career. After what seemed like a lifetime of of waiting for licenses and then jobs to open close to his home, Caleb finally decided he was ready to travel. One of my favorite things about Caleb is not only making sure a job will be a good fit, but that he is in a location where him and his wife are able to visit the people that mean the most to them. I look forward to helping them keep in touch and make memories along the way all while Caleb continues to kick butt on his assignments. Keep up the great work Caleb!


The 411 on Caleb

Why or how did you get into therapy? Initially, upon entering college, I had pursued a degree in creative arts, but quickly decided that making a difference in people’s lives was something that was missing in my life. After volunteering for multiple hospitals, clinics, and nursing facilities, I concluded that therapy was the best way to utilize my creativity to make a lasting impact on the lives of others in need.

Hobbies? Other than traveling, of course! I am a huge sports nut, particularly for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings! I am also an avid snowboarder, love camping, cooking, and going to the movies. And most importantly, spending every moment with my beautiful wife!

Favorite travel location and why? I have had two locations thus far: Saint Joseph, Michigan (Summer) and Fort Worth, Texas (Winter); these locations are quite unique from each other. I loved the beach in Michigan, but I am sure loving the big city life between Ft Worth and Dallas!

Where would your dream assignment be and why? Does this cover international travel? If so… Seoul, the Republic of South Korea! I was adopted by my wonderful parents when I was a couple months old and never have had the opportunity to return to my birth city. Anyone need OT in Korea? Here I come!

Family: I just married the love of my life this past April! Luckily she is able to travel with me and experience everything our country
had to offer! I also have a younger sister and my wonderful parents back in Michigan!

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Hmm… I think I would love having super human strength. Patients may not want me to do too much passive range of motion though!

 See ya next month! 

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