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The following post is written by our recruiter, Amy Barnes! Amy nominated Callie as the Featured Traveler for July and we’re thrilled to share what she’s written. Enjoy!

CallieCallie has been with Advanced Medical since May 2013, and has been working hard since! She is currently breaking records as my longest running Florida PTA on contract now for 7 months, now extending for 3 more! She decided on a career in therapy as she was always interested in the medical field and helping people in some way. After having an ankle injury in high school that hindered her dance abilities, she turned to therapy to help gain her strength back. She had the opportunity in high school as part of a class to observe in a hospital and outpatient clinic and it was clear to her that therapy was what she wanted as her career.


Callie and AmyCallie is not only amazing at her job, she is also quite adventurous and talented. She was involved in dance for many years, her specialty being tap. Since injuries keep her off the dance floor now, she turns to skydiving, hang gliding, zip lining, and concerts to keep busy. I always look forward to Friday check in to find out what concert she is heading to for the weekend as well. She recently saw Kenny Chesney in concert and brought me back a signed acoustic guitar! I about fell out of my chair when she walked in to my office with it. I should also mention that Callie is one of the most generous people I know.


Callie’s ideal travel location would be some place tropical with mild temperatures because she is a beach bum at heart, although she can’t forget her sunscreen. She is also looking forward to taking an assignment in Nashville one day, but preferably in the month of June so she can attend CMA Fest. Other dream travel therapy destinations include Hawaii, Alaska, Seattle, but no snow for Callie! She will head to the colder states during the warmer months. If traveling for fun, she would love a European adventure through France, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and England as it has been a trip she has wanted to take for as long as she can remember. She even took French in high school and actually did get to see Paris and cannot wait to return one day.


Callie enjoys movies in her spare time, but the movie Fried Green Tomatoes holds a special place in her heart. During her travels she has met many special people, and that movie was a favorite of a former co-worker who sadly passed away last year. Callie has an amazing heart, so it is no surprise she has made connections all over this country.


If Callie could have one superpower it would be the ability to be in multiple places at one time so she could always be at a concert or zip lining, but still be able to work and help others achieve their full potential medically. But she is a little bummed about being restricted to just one superpower. In my opinion, she already is a super hero. I am lucky to not only be her recruiter, but also her friend. Callie is deserving of this recognition as featured traveler of the month. She is one of a kind, and amazing at what she does.

I’m proud to have her on my team and part of the Advanced Medical family.