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Sharon Sommerfeld 1It’s time to show off one of our amazing rock star travelers! Sharon S is an amazing COTA and we’re thrilled to have her as this month’s Featured Traveler! Here’s what her recruiter had to say,


“Sharon is a COTA who has worked with Advanced Medical for 2 years. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and anything outdoors. She has been so amazing and inspiring to me personally. Sharon consistently has clients asking her to come back for another assignment or even go perm because she is very passionate about the work she does, she is also very passionate about her dreams and goals. I am so thankful to have her on my team!”


The 411 On Sharon


Why or how did you get into therapy? I became interested in therapy from 2 aspects: my brother received therapy following a severe auto accident and a family member, an Occupational Therapist, strongly encouraged me to pursue the field of OT. Both strongly influenced my decision.


Sharon CampingHobbies? I play hard outdoors. My favorite passion is hiking and backpacking. There isn’t anything I’d rather do than experience the beauty and wonder of mountains, lakes and waterfalls, especially of National Parks, forests & wilderness. I also enjoy kayaking, biking, running, and cross-country skiing/snowshoeing. The harder the challenge, the better.


Favorite travel location and why? Of all the beautiful places I have been I would have to say Oregon is my very favorite. The state offers mountains, valleys (wine country), high deserts, wilderness and ocean. On any given weekend I plan my trips around the weather and my activity, and my trips are only 1-4 hours travel time. Did I mention how beautiful Oregon is?


Where would your dream assignment be and why? My dream assignment would be in Alaska. I have never been there and would enjoy experiencing the people, culture and the grandiose landscape. Colorado is a close second.


Sharon 2

Favorite book or movie?My favorite book is “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. A great self-development book based on Ancient Toltec Wisdom, that gives a profound perspective on how we think, and how using this wisdom can change our action/reaction to everyday thoughts and perplexities.


If you could have a superpower what would it be? If I could have a superpower I would choose invisibility. Why? So I could hike alone in Montana without having a bear encounter. Yes, this did happen to me! A sow with 2 cubs, 5 feet off the trail. Needless to say I was traumatized and learned a hard lesson for which I’m alive to tell!

Thank you for traveling with us, we’re so grateful to have you own our team!