Before we look at salary by state for SLPs, there are a few things you need to know about salary.


Setting matters

SLPs working in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and home health services earned average annual salaries of $85,610 and $91, 220 (above the national average of $72,730), according to a national salary report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compare this to what SLPs working in elementary and secondary schools made, the salary was lower at $66,440. This is not to say that you should avoid school settings as an SLP but just now it can affect pay in certain states. Some state school jobs pay well over the national average!

map2Location, Location, Location

Certain regions of the U.S. will provide better pay for SLPs. This is all on average though, as cost of living, reimbursement rates, and educational funding amounts will create differences in pay amongst SLPs in any give region.

According to the ASHA's 2011 SLP salary report, SLPs in the Midwest earned the lowest average salary—around $65,000—of all US geographic regions. Those working in the West, earned substantially more ($80,000).


The more experience you have the more money you can potentially make at a SNF or home health setting, however working with a staffing company can secure a higher wage as staffing companies take bids from facilities for a specific hourly wage for SLPs.

National SLP Salary Stats

Top 5 Cities for SLPs

Speech-language pathologists who travel do make more but on average these are the highest paying cities. Check out how they align with the highest paying states below!

Redding, California

The average salary for an SLP working in Redding is $122,660 

Watertown, New York

The average salary for an SLP working in Watertown in $107,810

Sacramento, California

The average salary for an SLP in Sacramento is $106,520.

Fairbanks, Alaska

The average earnings for an SLP in Fairbanks is $104,310.


Staunton, Virginia

SLPs make an average of $102,540 in Staunton.

Top Pay for SLPs by State

SLP Mean Salary

Speech-language pathologists' mean salary is around $36.97, according to WebPT. This works out to be a mean annual wage of $76,900 (not taking into account reimbursements and benefits, etc.)

Top Paying States

via U.S. News Best Jobs
1. Connecticut - Annual Mean Wage: $88,460 ; Hourly Mean Wage: $42.53

2. California -Annual Mean Wage: $88,330; Hourly Mean Wage: $42.47

3. Alaska - Annual Mean Wage: $88,300; Hourly Mean Wage: $42.45

4. Dist. of Col. -Annual Mean Wage: $88,070;  Hourly Mean Wage: $42.34

5. New York - Annual Mean Wage: $87,640; Hourly Mean Wage: $42.14

Additional Factors in Your Pay 

When you travel as an SLP you can actually earn more than the national average, and that's due to additional factors such as reimbursement, bonuses, and more!

  • Completion and Referral Bonuses
  • Travel Reimbursements for the cost of traveling to your new city
  • Free Private Housing or Housing Subsidy (non-taxed)
  • Insurance (health, dental, etc.)

Another consideration for your take-home salary will be the cost of living in the state you earn wages. As you've seen above some cities average higher than national average by state. Overall expenses such as the cost of food, clothing, and entertainment can affect your take-home pay substantially. For instance, Portland, Oregon has higher rent but zero sales tax and a very affordable cost of living overall.

Tuition Reimbursement

Free CEUs

Licensure Reimbursement

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