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This is the Beginning of Anything You Want…

One cannot overstate the value and importance of COTAs and PTAs in the occupational and physical therapy disciplines. They play critical roles in our healthcare system and in the lives of the patients and clients they care for.

There may come a time, however, when an assistant may consider what the process of becoming a therapist looks like. Or maybe there are a few of you out there wondering if it makes sense to start their careers as assistants and then become therapists after getting experience.

Whatever your reason may be, we have created comprehensive guides that will help you understand how to go from a COTA to an OT and a PTA to a PT. Each guide helps explain the following:

  1. The differences between assistants and therapists in each discipline
  2. The bridge programs that are available for easier transitions
  3. Tips for success as you pursue your dreams
  4. How travel therapy may help you achieve your goals

Use the links below to get the guide you need to succeed:

How to Go From COTA to OT

How to Go From PTA to PT

Want to learn about travel therapy while you consider your options?