The OT application fee in Oregon is $100.00 and the license will remain active for one year. The application process is different for new grads or those applying by endorsement (licensed in another state). The licensure process can be a little confusing. To start you off on the right foot, we have supplied you with the information you will need below as it pertains to licensure and compensation. You also have the option to get assistance from an Advanced Travel Therapy Recruiter who will line up with OR job you want, reimburse you for your state license, and so much more.

Licensure Board Info

State/Year Enacted:
Contact Person/Address:
Nancy Schuberg 
Executive Director
OR OT Licensing Board
800 NE Oregon St, Suite 407
Portland, OR 97232 

Phone: (971) 673-0198
Fax: (971) 673-0226
Email contact:

Helpful Links

Website: Website

How long to receive your OT license
1-2 weeks 
1-2 weeks 
0 Weeks
10 Weeks
1-2 weeks | New jurisprudence exam as of 1/1/2014

Oregon is unlike any other state in the country. Whether you’re looking to conquer nature, exotic meals, or the latest fashion trends, OR is the place to do it. The Beaver State’s outdoors will give you so much to explore that a lifetime of adventures may not suffice. The food scene is a culinary explosion of eclectic flavors. And when it comes to shopping, you’ll be doing it tax-free, saving anywhere between 5-10% on everything you buy. And speaking of savings, as a travel OT, you can make more than your permanently placed counterparts. With the assistance of an Advanced Recruiter, you can easily maneuver the state and work in areas with a lower cost of living, or you can live it up in the Portland area with higher pay. Check out the jobs we have in this Pacific Northwestern gem or apply today!

Average Base Salary for Occupational Therapists in Oregon


Average Annual Base Salary


Average Hourly Rate


Number of Occupational Therapists in Oregon

Salary Range for Occupational Therapists in Oregon


Entry Level Salary


Senior Level Salary

Scale starts at $60,000
Starting Salary $63,700
Median Salary $84,430
High Salary $103,670
Scale ends at $110,000

Data from 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics

What is the cost of living for Occupational Therapists in Oregon?

Cost of living in different cities.

  1. Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA +0.5% ⇧ 
    Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA +0.5% ⇧ 
  2. Medford, OR -2% ⇩ 
    Medford, OR -2% ⇩ 
  3. Eugene-Springfield, OR -2.3% ⇩ 
    Eugene-Springfield, OR -2.3% ⇩ 
  4. Salem, OR -3.2% ⇩ 
    Salem, OR -3.2% ⇩ 
  5. Bend, OR -3.4% ⇩ 
    Bend, OR -3.4% ⇩ 

What are these numbers? The Regional Price Parity the cost of goods and services in a region in comparison to the national average, which is set at 100. For example New York's RPP is 122.2, meaning that goods there cost 22.2% more than the national average.

Data from 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics