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Find A High Paying, New Grad Friendly Physical Therapy Job in Georgia With Advanced Travel Therapy.

If you’re looking to land a dream job in Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. Advanced Travel Therapy has terrific travel positions in various settings across this beautiful southeastern state. These travel positions will give you great pay, the adventure of travel, world-class benefits, professional flexibility, and mentorship. Does this all sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! When you take a position with us you instantaneously join our New Grad Program  family, and we take family seriously.

We can help with any student debt you may have through our $5,000 tuition reimbursement. We will make sure you have full medical coverage from day-one. We will give you free and unlimited CEUs to ensure that you are always current and licensed, and our benefits don’t stop there.

We will also match you with a recruiter who will listen to everything you want both professionally and personally. These conversations will help your recruiter line up the ideal job for you. They will also help you with licensure, moving, and housing. We offer you additional support by matching you with a PT mentor. who has traveled and treated across the country in different settings. Your mentor will always be there to answer your clinical or travel lifestyle questions.

If you already live in Georgia, you’re still eligible for a travel PT job with Advanced. If you’re interested in a new grad travel PT career in GA, apply with us today or call 1-800-330-7711.

More About New Grad PT Jobs in GA

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How Much Do PTs Make In GA?

$44.14 per hour

$2,104 per week

$85,740  per year

We’d like to start by saying that the future for PTs is lit. The median pay for PTs across the nation is currently $85,400 annually, which is better than many other disciplines. BLS also states that the employment of physical therapists is expected to grow by 36% over the next 8 years. So, no matter what you decide to do or where you decide to work, do not fear, that DPT you worked hard to get will definitely pay off. That being said, there is no harm in making sure that you are reaching your maximum earning a potential as a new grad PT right out of school. That’s where Advanced Travel Therapy comes in.

Generally travel therapists make more than their permanently placed counterparts, but a partnership with Advanced can make life even sweeter. On our team, you will have a recruiter negotiating on your behalf and ensuring that your pay is the best that it can be. In addition, we will offer you $5,000 in tuition reimbursement, great benefits, referral bonuses, and free CEUs. All these factors add up and greatly increase what you take home!

If you’re interested in earning more as a new grad travel PT in Georgia, apply now!


PT Settings in Georgia

The beauty of travel therapy is the flexibility. You always have the control to prioritize and follow both your professional and personal goals while remaining committed to a stable career path.  Through 13-week travel assignments, you can try different settings in locations across the country, the same setting in different facilities, or extend at one you love. You’ll gain diverse experience will keeping a real work-life balance.

Below you will find short descriptions of a few of the settings you can explore in Georgia.

Home Health

During a home health assignment, a new grad PT will be treating patients in their places of residence. This may seem daunting to a new grad at first since treatments will happen one-on-one and not within a larger team, but this can also be very rewarding. This setting teaches physical therapists about independence, confidence, organization, and patient care. There is plenty of variety to learn from on a home health assignment as well, as patient populations, diagnoses, and locations change with each appointment.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

At a SNF, a new grad PT will work with an interdisciplinary team to help restore and maintain the physical function of patients. Patients in these facilities, who are usually from the geriatric population (though there are exceptions), will have varying diagnoses that may range from the neurological to the cardiovascular. While on a SNF assignment, a new grad physical therapist can expect to complete evaluations, as well as create and execute PT care plans for patients.

Acute Care

An acute setting, usually found in a hospital or trauma center, will give the new grad PT an opportunity to learn how to care for patients who are in critical condition. For the most part, a PT will be part of the medical team that ensures a patient is discharged safely. There may also be opportunities to provide recommendations for rehabilitation after discharge.

Georgia PT Licensure Board Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy

237 Coliseum Dr. Macon, GA 31217

Phone: 478-207-2440
Fax: 866-888-1308


It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting your dream job and forgetting you need the appropriate license. To a take a travel PT position in Georgia, you will definitely need a current GA license. This is a domain in which we can provide plenty of assistance!

We reimburse our travelers for one license or license renewal per assignment. In addition, your Advanced Recruiter will help you through the application process so that it isn’t as stressful. If you want to learn more about the Georgia PT License or licensure in other states, check out our comprehensive Physical Therapy Licensure Boards Guide.

Living In Georgia

There’s no two ways about it, Georgia is a beautiful state. From mountains to coastal plains, GA will take your breath away. The Peach State, also known as the Empire State of The South, is brimful of natural wonders that are prefect for those that want to take in the views or seek the thrills of an outdoor adventure. Here’s a few of the places you can take the time to explore on your assignment:

  • Blueridge Mountains
  • Brasstown Bald
  • Tallulah Gorge
  • Cumberland Island
  • Stone Mountain
  • Jekyll Island
  • Flint River
  • Providence Canyon
  • Chattahoochee River
  • Amicalola Falls
  • Oconee River
  • Simons Island

If you are looking for more urban getaways on your time off, Georgia still has plenty to offer. Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Savannah are just a few of the cities that you can explore. Without much effort you’ll find nightlife, music venues, food joints, art scenes, and shopping to keep you entertained and enjoying life. If this assignment is bringing you to the southeastern region of the U.S. for the first time, road trips to Florida or South Carolina are not out of the question!

If you’re not a PT yet but are interested in becoming one, there are a great PT programs in Georgia. Below are a couple of links to get you started on your search. As you get closer to graduating make sure you check our blog where you’ll find a lot of good information for new grads.

Emory University

University of North Georgia

Travel Benefits

  1. 100% Paid Medical Coverage

  2. Lucrative Pay

  3. 401k with Company Matching

  4. Customized Travel Packages

  5. Robust Clinical and Lifestyle Mentorship

  6. Large Support Staff

  1. State Licensure Reimbursement

  2. Significant Referral Bonus

  3. Personal Recruiter

  4. Exceptional Customer Service (24 hours/day)

  5. Clinical Director

  1. Corporate Furnished Housing or Generous Lodging Per Diem

  2. Travel Expense Allowance

  3. Meals and Incidentals Stipend

  4. Professional & General Liability Coverage

  5. Advanced Education CEU's

  1. Why Advanced Medical

    Joining the Advanced Medical team gives you the attention you deserve. We work closely with each candidate to find the right fit clinically, culturally and financially. We also offer:

    • Five-star customer service
    • Clinical & licensure support
    • and much, much more!

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