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Find A High Paying, New Grad Friendly Physical Therapy Job in New Mexico With Advanced Travel Therapy.

Looking for your first position after graduating from a DPT program can be confusing and overwhelming. Factors like pay, taxes, licensure, cost-of-living, productivity, and setting may cloud what the right choice is as you search for jobs. Joining Advanced Travel Therapy’s New Grad Program can cut out the guesswork and kickstart the career you’ve always wanted.

We have awesome positions in various settings across the state of New Mexico in new grad friendly facilities. Our 13-week travel PT jobs will give you excellent pay, world-class benefits, and the personal and professional flexibility you need to carve your own path. In addition, you will get free and unlimited CEUs, tuition reimbursement, reliable PT mentorship, licensure reimbursement, and much more!

If you already live in New Mexico, you’re still eligible for a travel PT job with Advanced. If you’re interested in a new grad travel PT career in NM, apply with us today or call 1-800-330-7711.

More About New Grad PT Jobs in NM

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How Much Do PTs Make In NM?

$42.90 per hour

$2,137 per week

$89,230  per year

The above-mentioned averages for New Mexico do not reflect the variations in pay that can result from factors like setting, education, or experience. As a new grad, you should not be surprised to hear that your first job will not likely be your highest paying, that being said, there is something you can do to greatly raise your earning potential.

As a PT in our New Grad Program, you will be able to take advantage of tax-breaks and stipends that increase take home pay significantly. New grads can also get additional bonuses like $5,000 in tuition reimbursement, free CEUs, licensure reimbursement, and hefty referral bonuses. This will elevate your take home earnings above your permanently placed counterparts.

You will also have an Advanced Recruiter negotiating salary on your behalf, which guarantees that you will be making the best out there!  If you’re interested in making more money as a new grad travel PT in New Mexico, apply now!


PT Settings in New Mexico

If you finished your DPT recently and you are not entirely sure what setting you may want to commit to for the rest of your career, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Travel PT jobs allow new grad physical therapists to experience different facilities and work environments as they find their true calling and sense of purpose within the field.  Through 13-week travel assignments, PTs can try different settings in locations across the country, the same setting in different facilities, or extend at ones they love.

A few of the settings you can try out in New Mexico or across the country with Advanced Travel Therapy include:

Rehabilitation Centers
Private Clinics
Public Schools

Home Health Agencies
Long Term Care Facilities
Acute Care Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Setting Spotlight

Skilled Nursing Facilities

New Grad PTs working in SNFs will evaluate patients while also creating and executing treatment plans for varying diagnoses. Although there are exceptions, most patients in SNFs are from a geriatric population and they maybe short-term, long-term, or residents. One of the best things about working at a SNF is the opportunity it presents new grads to learn about comprehensive treatment plans as implemented by interdisciplinary patient care teams often consisting of PTs, OTs, SLPs, and nurses.

New Mexico PT Licensure Board New Mexico Physical Therapy Board

P.O. Box 25101 Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: 505-476-4880
Fax: 505-476-4596

The topic of licensure can make physical therapists nervous. We all know the paperwork can be confusing, timeframes unclear, and costs high. This is one of the reasons you should partner with Advanced Travel Therapy. We will reimburse you for your NM license. In fact, we will reimburse you for one license or license renewal per assignment. In addition, the Advanced Recruiter you are matched with will help you through the licensing process to make it less taxing for you.

If you want to learn more about the New Mexico PT License or licensure in other states, check out our comprehensive Physical Therapy Licensure Boards Guide.

Living In A New Mexico

New Mexico is a southwestern state that offers an exceptional blend of history, culture, modernity, and adventure. The geography of the state is relatively complex and varies greatly depending on where you are; it ranges from rose-colored deserts to snow-capped mountains. The weather also depends on where you find yourself, the southern part of the state gets pretty hot whereas the northern part will get snow in the winters.

All this variety lends itself to some magnificent natural wonders for outdoorsy PTs who love adventures. The list of things you can do in the Land of Enchantment, from camping to sky-diving, is endless. Here are a few of the places you may want to plan to see while on assignment:

  • Ghost Ranch
  • Valles Caldera
  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Tent Rocks
  • Taos Gorge
  • Blue Hole
  • Brazos Cliffs
  • White Sands National Monument
  • Bisti Badlands
  • Bosque Del Apache

New Mexico also has much to offer PTs who prefer cityscapes. Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, and Silver City are just a few of the urban centers that you can explore on assignment. With food, music, art, and shopping venues that range from the one-of-a-kind mom-and-pop shops to the nationally renowned, you will have plenty to do when you’re not at work.

If you’re not a PT yet but are interested in becoming one while in LA, check out the DPT program at the University of New Mexico. As you get closer to graduating, make sure you check our blog where you’ll find a lot of good information for new grads.

Travel Benefits

  1. 100% Paid Medical Coverage

  2. Lucrative Pay

  3. 401k with Company Matching

  4. Customized Travel Packages

  5. Robust Clinical and Lifestyle Mentorship

  6. Large Support Staff

  1. State Licensure Reimbursement

  2. Significant Referral Bonus

  3. Personal Recruiter

  4. Exceptional Customer Service (24 hours/day)

  5. Clinical Director

  1. Corporate Furnished Housing or Generous Lodging Per Diem

  2. Travel Expense Allowance

  3. Meals and Incidentals Stipend

  4. Professional & General Liability Coverage

  5. Advanced Education CEU's

  1. Why Advanced Medical

    Joining the Advanced Medical team gives you the attention you deserve. We work closely with each candidate to find the right fit clinically, culturally and financially. We also offer:

    • Five-star customer service
    • Clinical & licensure support
    • and much, much more!

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