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Find A High Paying, New Grad Friendly Physical Therapy Job in New York With Advanced Travel Therapy.

You’ve recently finished your DPT, you’ve passed the NPTE, and now your on the hunt for that ideal job. Advanced Travel Therapy is excited to tell you that you need to look no further. We’ve got you.

Imagine getting a great PT position in a new grad friendly facility in the State of New York. Doesn’t that sound like what bucket lists are made of? We have awesome PT travel positions in different settings across NY that are perfect for qualified new grads just like you.

On our team, you will immediately be enrolled into our industry-leading New Grad Program. We will give you excellent pay packages, comprehensive medical coverage from day one, and new grad benefits like free CEUs and $5,000 in tuition reimbursement. We will also hook you up with a recruiter that will line up your job, help you with licensure, moving, housing, and just about everything else you’ll need that isn’t clinical in nature. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back on that front too. We will match you with a clinical PT mentor who has experience traveling in different settings and states.

If you already live in New York, you’re still eligible for a travel PT job with Advanced. If you’re interested in a new grad travel PT career in NY, apply with us today or call 1-800-330-7711.

More About New Grad PT Jobs in NY

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How Much Do PTs Make In NY?

$41.22 per hour

$2,190 per week

$85,730 per year

As a new grad, it is in your best interest to do some research on pay in the areas you are considering taking a job. Location is one of the factors that can greatly impact your earning potential.

The above three figures will give you an idea of what PTs are making in New York in terms of wages and salaries. These numbers, however, being averages, do not speak to discrepancies in pay that may arise from factors like setting, specific location, education level, and years of experience.

Working as a travel therapist with Advanced can help you alleviate some of the guesswork that comes up, especially at the beginning of your PT career. First, we will match you with an experienced Advanced Recruiter that will negotiate on your behalf and advocate for you while finding you the fantastic job you’ve been wanting since you started school. Second,  travel therapists are often better compensated than their permanently placed counterparts. With Advanced, you also will have the opportunity to take advantage of traveling tax-breaks that can increase your take home pay. We will also offer you $5,000 in tuition reimbursement, great benefits, mind boggling referral bonuses, and free CEUs. All these factors add up and ensure that you are making what you deserve after all your hard work.

If you’re interested in earning more as a new grad travel PT in New York, apply now!


PT Settings in New York

Starting your career after your DPT should not be the beginning of your settling down, in fact, it should be quite the opposite. The first stretch of your career should be filled with different experiences, professional and personal, to help you find your calling, passion, and path of expertise.

With Advanced, you will be given the professional flexibility to try different settings through 13-week travel assignments while having the reliable security of excellent pay and benefits. You can try different settings in locations across the country, try the same setting in different facilities, or extend at one you love. We give you the personal freedom to carve your own path as you explore your own interests.

Below you will find short descriptions of a few of the settings you can explore in New York.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

A SNF assignment will give a new grad PT the opportunity to treat a wide range of diagnoses while improving the quality of life for diverse types of patients. Patients may be at a SNF recovering for a short period of time or may be there for long-term care. Working alongside OTs, SLPs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, you will offer rehabilitative care for patients with needs that are neurological, orthopedic, and more.

Home Health

This setting allows a therapist to take on responsibility for patients in their place of residence. A Home Health PT assignment would be perfect for the new grad who isn’t quite ready for the same daily work routine. Patients range from the pediatric or acute, to the long-term or geriatric. Diagnoses treated in home health are also varied, including orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, and general medical.

Acute Care

Acute care assignments offer new grad PTs the opportunity to engage in assisting patients who are in critical condition. Positions in this setting can be extremely rewarding.  New grads will hone the skills needed to aid in stabilizing patients and creating patient care plans to ensure the best possible recovery scenarios.

New York PT Licensure Board NYS Physical Therapy- Office of the Professions

The State Education Department, 89 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12234

Phone: 518-474-3817
Fax: 518-474-3706

To work as a new grad PT in the State of New York, you will need the appropriate license. If you’re not already licensed in NY and are a little hesitant about applying, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Advanced Travel Therapy reimburses travelers for one license per assignment. Your recruiter will also help as much possible when it comes to acquiring the license. If you want to learn more about the NY PT licensing process or licensure in other states, check out our comprehensive Physical Therapy Licensure Boards Guide.

Living In New York

Between Upstate New York and New York City, the Empire State has something to offer everyone who explores it. It offers the epitome of the American experience. Whether you are a new grad PT who enjoys the outdoors, shopping, art, music, the food scene, or something totally obscure, you will find what you’re looking for in NY.

With Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, New York City alone provides one of the world’s greatest urban landscapes to lose oneself in. Beyond NYC, the state is filled with other cool towns and cities, remarkable natural wonders, historical hotspots, annual festivals and fairs, and world-renowned monuments. Oh, and if you’re a foodie who has yet to visit New York, prepare to enter paradise when you’re on you're assignment.

Beyond the Big Apple, here are a few suggestions for PTs looking for outdoor wonders or other attractions to visit while on assignment in this awesome northeastern state:

  • Niagara Falls
  • The Adirondacks
  • The Finger Lakes
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Coney Islands
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Stonecrop Gardens

If you’re not a PT yet but are interested in becoming one, there are top-ranking PT programs in New York. Below are a couple of links to get you started on your search. As you get closer to graduating make sure you check our blog where you’ll find a lot of good information for new grads.

Columbia University

Ithaca College

Travel Benefits

  1. 100% Paid Medical Coverage

  2. Lucrative Pay

  3. 401k with Company Matching

  4. Customized Travel Packages

  5. Robust Clinical and Lifestyle Mentorship

  6. Large Support Staff

  1. State Licensure Reimbursement

  2. Significant Referral Bonus

  3. Personal Recruiter

  4. Exceptional Customer Service (24 hours/day)

  5. Clinical Director

  1. Corporate Furnished Housing or Generous Lodging Per Diem

  2. Travel Expense Allowance

  3. Meals and Incidentals Stipend

  4. Professional & General Liability Coverage

  5. Advanced Education CEU's

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    Joining the Advanced Medical team gives you the attention you deserve. We work closely with each candidate to find the right fit clinically, culturally and financially. We also offer:

    • Five-star customer service
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    • and much, much more!

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