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Find A High Paying, New Grad Friendly Physical Therapy Job in North Carolina With Advanced Travel Therapy.

If you recently completed your DPT, you may be feeling somewhat anxious about starting work in the ‘real word.’ Change is never easy, especially when you throw in moving or licensure, but we are here to tell you that you can find that ideal position in NC without any worries.

Our New Grad Program  was the first in the industry, and we have spent years helping newly graduated therapists build careers they love.  We offer our new grads excellent pay, comprehensive medical coverage from day one, and benefits like free CEUs and $5,000 in tuition reimbursement.

We also match each of our new grads with a dedicated recruiter and a specialized clinical mentor. Your recruiter will line up your job, help you with licensure, moving, and housing. On the other hand, your PT mentor who has traveled and treated in different settings, will be there for all your clinical questions. Ultimately, we will give you the flexibility you need to find your passion in your field while knowing that you have an awesome support system.

If you already live in North Carolina, you’re still eligible for a travel PT job with Advanced. If you’re interested in a new grad travel PT career in NC, apply with us today or call 1-800-330-7711.

More About New Grad PT Jobs in NC

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How Much Do PTs Make In NC?

$41.24 per hour

$2,054 per week

$82,320 per year

The NC wage and salary information above can give you a pretty good idea of what a PT makes in the state on average. The hourly figure is about 6% below the national average, and the other two means are on par with the rest of the country’s average. Travel PTs, however, are not average, and they tend to make more money than their permanently placed counterparts.

As an Advanced Travel PT, you can take advantage of tax-breaks and stipends that can increase your take home pay. We will also offer you $5,000 in tuition reimbursement, great benefits, referral bonuses, and free CEUs. All these factors add up and greatly raise your earning potential as a new grad. In addition, you will have a recruiter negotiating on your behalf and making sure that your pay is the best that it can be.

If you’re interested in earning more as a new grad travel PT in North Carolina, apply now!


PT Settings in North Carolina

If you are wondering why you should become a travel therapist after your DPT is complete, professional flexibility may be one of the most important reasons. At Advanced Travel Therapy, no one is going to tell you what setting to commit to, where to work, who to treat, or how to prioritize your wants and needs.

We will give you the support, financial stability, and benefits you need to explore settings through your 13-week travel assignments. You can try different settings in locations across the country, try the same setting in different facilities, or extend at one you love.

Below you will find short descriptions of a few of the settings you can explore in North Carolina.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

If you are interested in learning more about comprehensive care plans while treating diverse patients, a SNF assignment may be the one for you. In this setting, you will work alongside OTs, SLPs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals while caring for patients that are short or long term and range from the young adult to the geriatric.

Home Health

Home health assignments offer new grad PTs a great deal in the way of variety. First, by treating patients in their places of residence, you can avoid going to the same facility for work every day. In addition, the diagnoses and patients treated in home health vary greatly. These assignments can also help a new grad gain independence, confidence, and relational skills.

Acute Care

In acute hospital settings, new grad PTs get the opportunity to engage in assisting patients who are in critical condition after accidents, illness, or surgery. Assisting in stabilizing patients, ensuring safe discharge, and offering recovery care plans can help new grads build the skills needed to work with more severe cases in short-term facilities.

North Carolina PT Licensure Board The North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

18 West Colony Place, Suite 140 Durham, NC 27705

Phone: 919-490-6393
Fax: 919-490-5106

Just thinking about a new job and moving would make anyone anxious; we know that. At Advanced Travel Therapy, however, we account for all the stress and worry that goes into licensure, housing, and moving. If you don’t already have an NC license and need one to take your ideal job in North Carolina, we got you. We reimburse our travelers for one license or license renewal per assignment. Your recruiter will also help make the application process go as smoothly as possible. If you want to learn more about the North Carolina PT License or licensure in other states, check out our comprehensive Physical Therapy Licensure Boards Guide.

Living In North Carolina

North Carolina is filled with trendy and cool mountain towns like Bryson City and Mars Hill. These little gems will give you majestic views and an outdoorsy feel. On the other hand, bigger cities in the Tar Heel State like Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville will give you plenty of urban landscapes to explore.  And if that isn’t enough, you’ll even find remote beach towns like Kitty Hawk for some real chill-out time.

NC also offers quite a bit to the active PT who is looking for nature-centric thrills and adventures. You can fill your weekends with all sorts of activities ranging from hiking to surfing. You can even visit the tallest mountain in the Eastern U.S., Mount Mitchell, where you can bask in the glory of some of the greatest views you’ll find in the country.

No matter what you are into, this state will surely deliver. You will find yourself nestled within an awesome trifecta of the Appalachian Mountains, the Atlantic coastal plains, and East Coast beaches, making that perfect work-life balance you’ve always wanted easy to achieve.

Here’s a list of a few must-see attractions that you can plan to see on your assignment:

  • The Biltmore Estate
  • Chimney Rock State Park
  • Old Salem
  • Uwharrie Mountains Wine Trail
  • Outer Banks Scenic Parkway
  • Reed Gold Mine
  • Skinny Dip Falls
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

If you’re not a PT yet but are interested in becoming one, there are a few great DPT programs in North Carolina. Below are a couple of links to get you started on your search. As you get closer to graduating make sure you check our blog where you’ll find a lot of good information for new grads.

Duke University

UNC School of Medicine

Travel Benefits

  1. 100% Paid Medical Coverage

  2. Lucrative Pay

  3. 401k with Company Matching

  4. Customized Travel Packages

  5. Robust Clinical and Lifestyle Mentorship

  6. Large Support Staff

  1. State Licensure Reimbursement

  2. Significant Referral Bonus

  3. Personal Recruiter

  4. Exceptional Customer Service (24 hours/day)

  5. Clinical Director

  1. Corporate Furnished Housing or Generous Lodging Per Diem

  2. Travel Expense Allowance

  3. Meals and Incidentals Stipend

  4. Professional & General Liability Coverage

  5. Advanced Education CEU's

  1. Why Advanced Medical

    Joining the Advanced Medical team gives you the attention you deserve. We work closely with each candidate to find the right fit clinically, culturally and financially. We also offer:

    • Five-star customer service
    • Clinical & licensure support
    • and much, much more!

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