Thinking about traveling after graduation? Get real answers to your questions from an actual travel therapist.

Interested in a more in-depth exploration of our New Grad program?

Chances are you aren't the only one in your school that wants to know more about traveling right after graduation. Our Lunch & Learn program can put you and other interested students in a room with one of our traveling therapists for a info-packed hour long Q&A session.

We'll bring lunch, you bring your questions. We guarantee that at the end you'll be itching to pack your bags and get out there!

What is the New Grad Program? Not even sure what we're talking about? Don't get ahead of yourself! Read up on our groundbreaking New Grad program for PT's, OT's and SLP's!

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Here's How It Works

Magic Internets

Gather everyone around the projector as we use the magic of the internet to teleconference in to your classroom!

Live Presentation

Have a large group of students who are interested in taking the leap into travel therapy? We can come out to you for an in-person presentation!

Either way, lunch is on us!

The only thing better than awesome info is an awesome lunch! Whether it's live or digital we'll bring the food if you bring the questions! Just don't ask with your mouth full!

"The teleconference was amazing! Afterwards, our members expressed how wonderful and informative it was, and were so thankful to Melissa for taking the time out to speak with us."

Michelle and Rachel
Co-Presidents of NSSLHA at Lehman College

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Lunch & Learn

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