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Welcome to Mentor Appreciation Week! This week we will be putting the spotlight on our amazing Travel Mentors! Let’s kick things off with a Q&A with our PT Mentor, Ly Pham! 

Ly Pham has exhibited a diverse skill set in her time as an Advanced Medical traveler. With exemplary work done in a variety of settings and a strong desire to assist younger therapists, Ly was a fantastic match for the PT mentoring team. She obtained a BA in exercise science and DPT at Wichita State University, located in the healthcare hub of Kansas. Ly is a lover of the outdoors and a rabid hoops fan. Jump below for our 5 question conversation with Ly.


Q: First off, on behalf of Advanced Medical we thank you for your dedication and selfless attitude. As a valued mentor and one of our most recent additions, I was curious to see if your mentoring “advice” has come more in the way of clinical questions or travel tip questions?


Probably mostly travel tip questions like what they should pack with them when they move, what kind of books for references they should bring for their particular setting, or the licensing process for various states.


Q:  Last time we checked in you were in the process of obtaining a California license. Can you tell us how that’s going and your thoughts on heading for the coast? Why did you choose California?


I’m going to be honest and say that obtaining my CA license was a huge pain in the hoo-ha. Between the application process, getting approved, registering to take the jurisprudence exam and the entire waiting process through it all took several months. I tell all my mentorees that obtaining licensure in each state is the worst part but it’s totally worth it because in the grand scheme of things, we became travelers to travel, right?!

I chose California because I have a ton of family and friends there. My initial plan was to move out of the AZ heat before summer hit and move into the cooler CA weather…but here I am…still in AZ almost a year later haha.


Q: Can you walk us through your decision to pursue travel therapy and how you ended up becoming a superstar with Advanced Medical and not some other outfit?


When graduation crept up, I still didn’t know what kind of setting I wanted to be in and where I wanted to live. I knew for sure I didn’t want to stay in Kansas (I was afraid I’d never leave if I did!) and I knew there was a whole world out there for me to explore. I don’t have any kids nor am I married so I figured the best time to travel (and work while doing it) would be now!

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a superstar, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now without my amazing recruiter, Codey, so I’d give all the credit to him!


Q: This may not be most exciting question, but can you tell us what has been your favorite setting to work in and your thoughts on how working in multiple settings and locations has made you a better therapist (if you feel it has)?


Technically I’ve only worked in SNFs so I have the most professional experience there. It’s not for most people, but I love it. I love the geriatric population and while there are a few cases of grumpy and grouchy folks, geriatrics have a lot of experience and wisdom about life and I love learning and hearing all of their stories!

Every therapist treats and thinks differently and they all vary in levels of experience so it has been beneficial for me to learn skills/techniques/thought processes that I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up myself.  


Q: As someone who grew up watching KU hoops in the 80’s, and was right behind the basket for the national championship win against Memphis (Chalmers!) I was excited to see you are part of “Rock Chalk”- however, you went to Wichita State – no slouch themselves at playing some roundball – so my hugely important question is who are you pulling for when its jayhawks vs. shockers?


Ahhhhh, one of my most dreaded questions when March Madness comes around!! I obviously root for the appropriate team when they play other teams, but when they play each other (like they did last year), I had to root for my Jayhawks. I have been a Jayhawk fan much longer than I have been a Shocker fan! Rock Chalk, Go Shox!


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