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Cat owners are a special breed of people. Many cat owners love their pets as if they were their own children. They spend hours cuddling, feeding and often even clothing them. They even give them human names and interact with them as if they were a blood relative. Knowing about the relationships that many cat owners have with their feline friends makes it all the more troubling that so many cat owners are forced to abandon their pets when they move into a new home.

There are two common reasons that cat owners are forced to give up their pets before a move. The first reason is that their new landlord doesn’t allow pets in the home. The second and the most heartbreaking reason is that the cat owner’s new roommate has a cat allergy. Many pet owners are forced to choose between their new roommate, who may be their significant other or even their child, and their pet. It is usually the pet that loses.

Infographic On How To Keep You Furry Companion

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