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**2-7-19 Update**
States Actively Issuing and Accepting Compact Privileges: Oregon, North Dakota, Utah, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New Hampshire. PT’s from those states will now be able to purchase compact privileges. Additionally, Advanced will reimburse for compact state licensure fees. 

2019 is going to be an exciting year for travel PTs and PTAs, as they will now soon be able to practice in various states with less stress and money. The Compact Privilege will function as an authorization to work in a Compact member state other than your home state. When eligibility is verified and all fees are paid, you receive the Compact Privilege and may begin legally working in the other remote state. However you will still need to have a Compact Privilege in each state in which you want to provide physical therapy services. Head over to the PT Compact website for more information.

In April of 2018, Washington became the 10th state to sign on to the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact (PTLC), which was the exact number needed to establish the system. With the Multistate Licensure Compact, PTs will be able to easily take on contract or travel positions. They’ll be able to beef up their resume while seeing the country! 

While multiple states have adopted PTLC, it doesn’t mean that they can practice in those states without individual licenses yet. Physical therapists will have to apply for compact state privileges and meet a strict criteria for participation. APTA’s director of state affairs, Angela Shuman, stated that some of the requirements would be:

    • The applicant can have no limitation from any state on a license to practice.
    • No adverse licensing board action can have been taken against the applicant for at least 2 years prior to the application.
    • The applicant must meet any jurisprudence requirements (typically an additional examination) that may be required by a compact state for which privileges are requested.
  • The participant must report any adverse regulatory board action from a nonparticipating state within 30 days of the action being taken.

What’s Next For The Multistate Licensure Compact?

The PT Compact Commission is currently working on establishing all the rules and systems needed for the compact privileges. They estimate that the privileges will be accessible in the first half of 2018. You can also look forward to a verification page to search for qualifying participants.

Be sure to check out the PT Compact website to read the latest status of each state. As the physical therapy industry evolves to meet patient needs, it’s more important than ever for PTs and PTAs to be mobile, flexible, and work in different environments. With the continued growth of travel therapy and teletherapy programs, PTs and PTAs will be able to spend less money, reduce paperwork, and improve the quality of care for patients.

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