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As we get the pumpkins out and say goodbye to the heat, Advanced Medical is gearing up to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month.  With events in all regions of the country,  we look forward to celebrating the PT profession and helping publicize the immeasurable benefits of physical therapy.

The theme of this year’s festivities is Sports Injury Prevention. Athletics at all levels brings enormous benefits both mental and physical.  However, with strenuous activity comes sports related injuries.  Physical Therapy can prove essential in managing pain, improving mobility, and developing a safe and effective fitness program.

The APTA wants to stress preventative care at all ages and at all levels of athletic endeavors.  Advanced Medical continues to put PT development front and center by providing knowledgeable clinical support and working closely with DPT programs to development a New Grad Program stressing a well-rounded medical experience.  PT month will see us at events in Michigan, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kansas, Florida, Colorado, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina-look for the big A with the swoosh at a convention or campus near you.