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Advanced School Staffing was launched in 2014 with a sole focus on school jobs for therapists. Now we’re taking it to the next level with a new site just for school therapy. No need to look through other settings, now you can easily find what you want to work in. If you’re a school therapist through and through or a newbie to the field, we’ve got a site packed with resources, information, and of course, school only jobs!

All the elements you love from our therapy site, with a focus on school jobs.

If you’re a newly graduated therapist or looking to complete your clinical fellowship, a school job may the right choice for you. You still get to work with our prestigious New Grad Program, and get exclusive benefits like tuition reimbursement, free unlimited continued education courses, and of course mentorship. You also get get all the benefits of a school position, like regularly scheduled time off, the ability to get a different type of career experience, and make a difference that could change someone’s life.

If you’re not into the idea of traveling to a new spot every 13 weeks, not to worry!

If you’re already working as a school therapist, we encourage you to look through our local jobs. Often times you can get a local contract in your home state that pays better and has more benefits than your typical school position. With a school contract job, you have less drama and more stability, so you can focus on helping a younger generation improve their lives. Whether you’re a PT, OT, or SLP; we’ve got the perfect school therapy job for you!