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Are you having an “I need a job” moment after graduation?

In other words, are you…

Well don’t be. If you’re a new grad PT, OT, or SLP-CF, you can transition from the classroom into the job of your dreams right now, totally no worries. With Advanced Travel Therapy you will get:

  • Exclusive new grad jobs
  • In new grad friendly facilities
  • Anywhere in the country within multiple settings
  • A recruiter who will get you the job and negotiate on your behalf
  • A 401k and comprehensive medical benefits

  • Awesome pay (seriously)
  • Up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement
  • Licensure reimbursement
  • Free and unlimted CEUs
  • A clinical mentor from your discipline who will be there for you

8 Reasons to Travel as a New Grad

  1. Usually better pay than a perm position
  2. You don’t have to commit to a location or setting until you’ve tried it
  3. You’ll get professional guidance from a mentor and a recruiter
  4. Incredible experience gains with diverse teams, settings, and patient populations
  5. Help with student debt, housing, licensure, contracts, and more
  6. Living the dream at a beach location like San Diego, CA or saving money with an assignment in a city like San Antonio, TX
  7. Traveling with a friend or significant other on Travel Pair assignments
  8. Carving the career you want with picture perfect adventures and a real work-life balance

Don’t adult alone. Let’s do this together. We got you.