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“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

– Someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

We don’t know where that blatant falsehood came from, because we are consistently proving it wrong with our awesome Lunch & Learn sessions at grad schools all across the country!

The Lunch & Learn Program is quite simply the best way for you and a group of like-minded future therapy travelers to learn about our New Grad Travel Therapy program. We provide a lot of info on our own website, Facebook and Instagram, but we know there are going to be questions that only someone with real experience can answer.

So we made it easy for you and a group of future therapists to get together and pick the brain of an actual SLP. You can ask her anything, like:

  • What requirements do Clinical Fellows need to complete? (We’ll break it down for you)
  • Can I bring my dog? (Yes, or your cat/turtle/goldfish)
  • What do mentors help me with? (Anything and everything)
  • What if I freak out and feel overwhelmed on the first day? (You aren’t alone!)

Head over to our Lunch and Learn page to learn more about how we can put an SLP and actual mentor in the same classroom as the next group of traveling therapists. Lunch is on us – you just need to bring the questions!

Now we want pizza.