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Advanced Medical would like to extend a warm welcome to PT Seth Rohde. Seth is the latest addition to our New Grad mentoring team that provides clinical guidance and support to our young therapists. Born in Rock Island, Illinois; Seth quickly ditched the Midwest for surf, sand, and sunshine as a kid growing up in Florida. Seth attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Heath Sciences. For graduate work, Seth decided against shedding his gator skin and obtained his doctorate of Physical Therapy from UF in 2013.


Seth was drawn to physical therapy before College, as he had various personal experiences in outpatient rehab. As an intern, Seth was drawn to a variety of settings and wanted to continue clinical diversity as a traveler at Advanced Medical. While Seth has been exposed to a large variety of settings, the majority of his experience has been in skilled nursing and home health. Seth is a virtual renaissance man with his travel resume, as he holds licenses in FL, VA, NJ, TX, SD, and WA.


Thankfully the road is not lonely, as Seth travels and explores with his girlfriend who is also a PT. When Seth is not practicing, he enjoys hiking, tennis, free diving, golf, and reading. Seth also loves learning about science and technology as he travels. He credits his Advanced Medical recruiter for providing him and his girlfriend a national playground to roam. He looks forward to providing support and valuable insight to our new grad therapists. We are lucky to have this talented therapist representing Advanced Medical.